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A talented group of artists came together for their own spin on the "don't rush challenge" going viral on social media.

The recent and increasingly popular "Don't Rush Challenge" has taken the social media world by storm, be it on Instagram or TikTok, people have been enjoying participating in these fun and quirky challenges with friends!

This challenge is ideal during this period of social distancing and growing TikTok fame. The app has garnered a significant following with different challenges, this one consists of being in the comfort of your own homes. You may see it being done by a group of friends all over social media to the beat of the song "Don't Rush" by Yount T and Bugsey. The irony of the #DontRush Challenge is that the participants virtually appear to get ready within seconds, using a beauty brush on screen before passing on the torch to the next person. The essence of this challenge is to get together with your friends, partake in this fun viral trend, and and show your best transformations from your usual home attire -all without leaving the house!

The people in the video will record themselves separately, starting off in your home attire, be it lounge-clothes, pajamas, a face mask, anything you'd be wearing whilst sitting at home. You take your make up brush and cover your camera, ending the first part of your video. The make up brush is the most common, but people have gotten innovative and used their hands, fruits, earphones, anything really which does not deter the point. The second part of the challenge which will be compiled together is the dressing up or "glow up" showing the duality of every individual's life, while being creative and interactive. When put together, this showcases every individual's incredible and unique transformation, giving it the illusion that you got ready in mere seconds, before passing it to the next person.

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Not only has this challenge lifted spirits and entertained the masses but it boosts confidence and allows different groups to break certain stereotypes, for example, med students used their stethoscopes to do their own version, doctor's can rock glam too! And female military officers doing their own version. Similarly, in Pakistan we've seen this trend go viral where we've come to expect a glow up, and make-up related product will be on our explore page, which is fun in it's own right but from time to time could become a little predictable, which happens with all challenges in due time. However, a group of talented young artists in Pakistan banded together to present their own take. Umair Najeeb Khan, a comic-book artist and super-talented illustrator along with fellow illustrators and graphic designers Maheen Zahid, Maha Abdul Alaam, Abeer Kasiri, Haris Mansoor, Saleha K, Syed Samad Rizvi and Ameer Ali created the artistic version of the challenge, with self-portraits, making it more interesting and super inventive, representing the power of art and creativity.

The fact that this was a different spin on the usual challenge made it fun to watch as we applaud the Pakistani artists in our community for their brilliant skills!

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Bringing their own unique perspective and take to the #dontrushchallenge and using art as self-expression brought out a fantastic and fruitful end product and a brief showcase of the talent we have in our country. Kudos to our young artists!

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