Here are some great tips on how to nourish and take care of your skin!

Skincare is often neglected when one gets consumed into a hectic routine or work schedule. However, the psychology behind 'if you feel good, you look good' applies vice versa, pampering yourself and being the best version of you can have tremendous results on your inner glow and self-esteem.

There is no harm in taking some time apart from your chaotic day to give yourself a little love, care and appreciation. Whether you prefer organic, non-organic, scrubs or moisturisers, it all depends on how your skin responds to it!

Cleansing & Moisturising

In the morning and evenings, cleansing and moisturising are of the utmost importance. Before applying make up, it is essential to cleanse, moisturise and make sure your skin is in prime condition. It doesn't hurt to add sunblock/SPF before heading out, to prevent uneven pigments and harmful rays!

Serums, face-masks & serums

Image Credit: Sophie Uliano
Image Credit: Sophie Uliano

Serums are a must for everyday or alternately timed days, whether for dry, oily or combination skin, different serums according to what your skin needs can make a significant difference on your look as well as your mood! Popular include Vitamin C, E and D at times. Not only do they have a low effect but when used effectively for a long period of time, the results are remarkable! Who knew 5 minutes of your day could make an impact?

We're all familiar with the N95 masks these days but beauty masks aren't to be neglected, at least once a week! With masks for different types of skin we can invest in suited masks are the ones that are hydrating, for broken out, stressed or parched skin. Olay's Glow Boost Mask, Aveeno's 'Oats with Cucumber Extract', and if you're into the organic side, mud-masks are a definite yes.

Nighttime Nourishment

Night time care is one of the simplest ways to actively care for your skin while it retains its moisture till morning. Whether applying a face-cream such as Loreal's Revita Lift night cream or serum after a deep cleanse and moisturize, at night our skin absorbs all the nutrition we feed it. Usually for the best overnight results ingredients are recommended, such as, peptides (which build collagen and elastin), retinoids (which reduce fine lines and do wonders for your skin), and antioxidants to cleanse your skin (found in many citrus products).

Image Credit: Aroma Culture
Image Credit: Aroma Culture

Along with these wonderful treatments, there are the lovely "home-products" such as olive oil. Extra-virgin olive oil not only massages and moisturizes your skin, but it 's known for reducing pigmentation, stretch marks, scars and it's safe to eat! Similarly, Coco and Shea butter are known for working miracles for your skin, even if oily, there are moisturizers and remedies which do not clog any pours.

Oil Cleanses

Image Credit: Style Craze
Image Credit: Style Craze

Once you wash your face upon returning home ideally, since our skin secretes relatively more oil while we sleep; use the oil of your choice to massage in circular motions on your face. After massaging it in for around 5-10 minutes, wash it off with lukewarm water or slightly wet a face towel and gently remove the oil residue.

Tea Tree Oil

It's time for a quick stop at the Body Shop! Tea tree oil is something we are all well-acquainted with as we've heard about its remarkable benefits for the skin (and soul). This oil has bountiful benefits, it possesses antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal properties. Famous for treating acne and dermatitis as well as a host of dermatological issues. Used as a face-wash, body gel and toner, it's a must-have for your beauty routine.


Sometimes it's a good thing to open up your pours. With facial steaming your skin is given the detox cleanse it needs, making the serums, creams etc more effective.

Icing on the cake

Image Credit: Allure
Image Credit: Allure

Ironically, after being exposed to heat or even generally, the best thing to do is ice your face, which tightens the skin and reduces any attempt at inflammation. A Korean beauty hack, called 'Jamsu', is something one can try if willing, after baking your face, dunking it in a bowl of ice-cold water seals your look, with a flawless glow as well as guaranteeing longer lasting makeup! However, icing is always recommended, whether after cleansing, washing your face, after hair removal etc.


Image Credit Harper's Bazaar
Image Credit Harper's Bazaar

The one thing any doctor, dermatologist or nutritionist will tell you is how your diet and stress affects your appearance. Sure, sometimes we find ourselves craving some not-so-healthy binge-fest or find that our sweet-tooth is activated. Everything in moderation is key, but stress seems to border on the extreme, varying from over-excessive worrying to a completely nonchalant and laid back demeanour. Stress is the number one worst thing for both your body and mental state of mind, with cortisol levels rising and hormones going all over the place. We often find ourselves breaking out when we've been having a bad patch or rough couple of days due to distressing our skin.

Pampering, self-care and prioritising taking care of our skincare is equivalent to improving our health. Dedicating a few minutes to our skin will lead to a better state of mind, improved self-esteem and an over-all change in attitude. Sure, exercises such as deep breathing and yoga can be beneficial as well but taking the first step on the path lights up the way - try it and see!

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