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Here we look at how some of the local fashion has been influenced by the popular Turkish Drama, Dirilis Ertugrul.

Fashion in Pakistan has evolved through the years and with the changing of eras. It has been nurtured through the European influence of the British Raj, mechanization, newer methods of making clothes, economic influence, and through waves of islamization.

It has overall served to illustrate the perception, culture and notion of the country. Recently, Turkish fashion during the Ottoman Empire, as portrayed by Ertugrul has left its mark on Pakistani viewers.

Ertugrul, the epic saga based on the life of the 13th-century Muslim Oghuz Turk leader and the makings of the Ottoman Empire, has taken the Muslim world by storm. Introduced in Pakistan on April 25th, Ertugrul began to break records as the most watched TV serial in the country. Viewership, according to PTC, surpassed 133.38 million in the first 20 days, with a rapidly rising audience.

Turkey’s entertainment industry has been at the forefront of reviving Islamic history- Ertugrul weaves the tale of the hero by combining deeper meanings of Quranic passages to construct a relatable narrative. Yet, while President Imran Khan sought to promote Ertugrul in order to boost Islamic values and culture, the impact of the show has weaved a perimeter of influence beyond simply influencing Muslim lifestyle.

Characters don creative attires reflecting Turkish cultural heritage- floor touching, two-layer long ‘entaris’ and ornamental Turkish headpieces and tribal jewelry that perfectly define an enthralling old-fashioned era. Women wear kaftans and ‘tul’ velvet shawls on their heads and simplification is manifested through solid colours and light floral designs.

Throughout the country, jewelers and designers alike have adhered to current trends and have adopted symbols and influences of Turkish fashion in their work. Turkish accessories of ethnic traditional descent- jeweled headpieces, thick ornamental statement rings, silver layered necklaces- are more readily available and in demand by customers. Cheaper alternatives of clothes and accessories are available online in Pakistan as well.

Authentic Turkish jewelry as portrayed above. Interestingly, Turkish headpieces and Afghani jewelry hold similarity- depicting the widespread influence of the Ottoman Empire and the Muslim Empire.

While there is definitely an element of Islamic history and influence, Ertugrul is seen as a cultural phenomenon that has sparked more than just Muslim values and countless social media posts- but has begun to change the dynamic of Pakistani fashion.

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