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Here are 7 options for grooms to enjoy their Mehndi in style!

The vibrant function that the mehndi is it requires the right clothes for the groom to stand out. Given that weddings are such a big part of our cultural lifestyle there are a lot of brands that produce clothes for them. The most common thing for a groom to wear on his mehndi is a shalwar kurta.

How fancy or simple one wants their shalwar kurta to be is a very individual choice. Some people wear block colours while others may have an embroidered pattern or with only certain parts embroidered. Along with the shalwar kurta sometimes men also don a waistcoat. Even with the waistcoat, there are just as many options.

The choices are endless, just as are the brands. Below are some of the standard go to brands in the market that are known for their shalwar kurtas.


Known for their weave and block colours. Khaadi is your choice if you want to have something that is simple and spirited. The colour range is diverse and as people do it could be a colour from the rest of the wedding them.

Junaid Jamshed

A more sober choice, Junaid Jamshed collection has calmer colors even if it is a red or orange the shade will make it subtle. This works for people who would like to have a more understated look.


A more modern pattern based aesthetic is possible at Edenrobe. They have a wide variety of options with many different patterns. The modern aesthetic also translates into the cut as it is more fitted.


A budget brand that one can find many options at. With a nice mix of colours and various patterns. The Diners range is mostly simple with a few options that have embroidered collars and plackets.

Gul Ahmed

A brand with finely produced cloth. The quality is visible in their products. The kurtas from Gul Ahmed have a lot of choices, especially with the kind of collar one is looking for. From a band collar with variations to plain round collars and more.

Al Karam Studio

Another brand that has top quality fabric is al karam studio. It has also with a simplistic understated look. The colours include a lot of greys and browns. The embroidered work is minimal with this brand, keeping it simple overall.

Bonanza Satrangi

If one is looking for a slightly old school feel, this is the right brand. The design maintains some of the more classic looks. There are a few options and they are all made with a similar design. The colour options are browns, blues and shades from black to white.

The correct mehndi attire for you

A lot of this is about what kind of clothes one sees themsevles in for their mehndi. Between all these options one can find whatever they are looking for, from simple to plain, from colourful to sober.

The fabric itself is also a matter of choice depending on the weather or what one generally prefers. There are many cotton options as that is the go to cloth for shalwar kurtas. One can find other blends and also thicker fabrics for winter. What one chooses depends on all this and the budget you have in mind!

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