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Due to the intense monsoon rains in Pakistan, especially Karachi being affected, pictures began circulating on social media.

The latest spell of heavy monsoon rains has Karachiites worried about the dire circumstances. With the threat of flooding, infrastructure crumbling, horrible traffic and electrocution, the city was in an extremely unfortunate predicament.

The latest fiasco to be circulating the social media scene would be the crocodiles swimming around town due to the overflowing. However, the Sindh Wildlife Department has issued a notice which clarifies that in fact no crocodiles escaped the Mangho Pir Shrine. The Wildlife Department went on to share a video about where the said crocodiles were presumably enjoying the aftermath of the rain, concluding that none of them had left Manghopir and the pictures were allegedly false.

The Wildlife Department also reported another strange call regarding a giraffe in the Defence area. It was seen sitting outside in the rain and in a matter of minutes, the clip went viral on social media.

Whether regarding spreading falsified news or actual troubling circumstances, social media has been a very happening and useful platform to address pressing concerns and have them resolved before rumours can make their damage more long-lasting.

Meanwhile, the rain has devastated the city, with broken roads, houses and flooded areas as citizens prepare for more predicted spells to come, and hopefully, more efficient methods of handling the aftermath.

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