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Photo: I Iz Cat
Photo: I Iz Cat
We explore the years old dilemma about pedigrees and strays, and why adoption should be an inclusive option.

Karachi, over the decade, has seen a rise in pet culture. Whether this culture was so predominant earlier, I can not seem to recall but I do not remember seeing a pet in practically every household I went to. This (maybe) new culture is however one that I am particularly fond of because I am sometimes (pronounced: all the time) accused of preferring the company of random animals and pets over actual people I am friends with (and guilty as charged). But, with this new culture has also occurred a dilemma.

Whilst, many of the households have opened their doors to fuzzy animals, some of them prove incapable of caring for them and often give them away. Some find other loving homes, some go to shelters where they can find loving homes and some, unfortunately, go out to fend for them in the streets. For those of us who know Karachi, we are fully aware of just how much the stray animal population has increased out on the streets over this time and we are also fully aware of the violent inhuman torture the people and the authorities, combined, inflict upon these unfortunate helpless animals.

Photo: Alina Sadaf
Photo: Alina Sadaf

I recently adopted a stray cat and she has changed me for the better. She is so full of love and affection; her cunning mind never ceases to amaze me! Every time we go to buy an animal we are actively feeding the gross system which thrives on animal breeding for profit. Every time we make that transaction, we’ve sentenced a creature which would’ve been so full of love, to a life of misery.

P.S. Lest we forget, it is vital to mention how important it is to neuter/spay your animals, we have enough homeless animals as it is. Let us begin with taking care of the ones we already have instead of wanting to bring in more and adding to an existing problem.

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