Mashal Khan's petition to free the little bear (Ranoo) from Karachi Zoo has bore fruit.

Earlier this week, distressing news about a little bear and the animals constrained in Karachi Zoo caught the attention of many celebrities on social media who further advocated for the voiceless creatures suffering in dilapidating conditions.

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Mashal Khan filed a petition, requesting her friends and fans alike to sign their statements through her lawyer, Barrister Mohsin Shahwani, who was the voice for the advocates against Karachi Zoo. The Khaas actor had earlier shared her petition with followers on social media, stating that she was gearing up to file a constitutional petition to free the bear cub, and hopefully bring notice to the animal's suffering at the zoo.

After the petition was signed by many animal lovers and human beings alike, the case was made stronger, which appealed to the Sindh High Court. Anoushey Ashraf, Anam Tanveer and Zhalay were amongst the celebrities who spoke up against the cruel conditions at the zoo, using their social media platforms.

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Today, on the 1st of October, Mashal Khan and Barrister Mohsin Shahwani went to court to file the petition and receive an order, which turned out to be in favour of their cause! The Constitutional Order issued by the High Court stated that the Prevention of the Cruelty to Animals Act (1890) was in violation by the concerned officials of the Zoological Gardens, and 'urgent attention is required to save the lift of this precious baby bear (Cub)', the order also stated that the 'situation appears to be too pressing for any kind of delay.'

According to Barrister Shahwani,

"We filed the petition in High Court Karachi today. The court has issued a notice to the authorities including KMC and the Senior Director zoo to put the bear in an environment closest to its natural habitat in 8 hours. Further the court has directed the authorities to present a complete report in 48 hours. Next hearing is on Saturday."

It has been ordered that the Syrian bear cub be moved to an environment closest to its natural habitat within 8 hours, and additionally, the court has instructed the responsible authorities to present a detailed report in 48 hours, regarding the baby bear.

In an exclusive statement, Mashal Khan has expressed relief over the issuing, speaking out on how animal rights need to be prioritised, the court order being a huge step towards the cause.

"This is a huge step forward. I’m so glad the esteemed Judge agreed with us and has taken a stand for Ranoo (the bear cub). The next hearing is on Saturday. I’m looking forward to that. Animals have rights. They need to be protected."

Up until now, the issue has become a pressing one, requesting the bear's immediate transfer to a safer and healthier environment which is the closest to her natural habitat. The Suno Chanda actor also thanked whoever took part in making a difference by signing the petition.

The order has started off on a positive note and we hope to hear even better news regarding the state of the animals and their predicament at Karachi Zoo as the case progresses after the next hearing on Saturday, 3rd October.

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