CM Usman Buzdar has inaugurated the Bahimat Buzurg program to benefit the elderly in society.

Bahimat Buzurg Program: Punjab Govt to give Rs 2000 per month for citizens above 65 years of age. Chief Minister Punjab, Usman Buzdar has initiated the 'Bahimat Buzurg Program', under which a month to month payment will be given to residents over 65 years old.

As per subtleties, Punjab Chief Minister Usman Bazdar initiated the Bahimat Buzurg Program. Under the program, meriting residents over 65 years old will get Rs 2,000 every month. At first, Rs 2 billion has been dispensed for the 'Bahimat Buzurg' Program.

CM Buzdar additionally said that the program would prompt the financial restoration of meriting residents of the general public. He further added that we are moving towards the acknowledgment of the Prime Ministers' fantasy of Rayast-e-Madina. CM Usman Buzdar said that our older folks are our obligation.

As per the site of Punjab Social Protection Authority, the government assistance program will profit 125,000 individuals who are not in receipt of other social help programs. Rs 2,000 every month will be given to the recipients having a neediness score under 20.

This is restoration of the wellbeing of elders that are put into old homes and centers where no one is to take their responsibility so the Punjab Government has taken a great initiative to take care of the elderly that are merely dependent on the youngsters and on their peers or family.

We hope for more programs like these to take initiative and come into action to restore peace and keep the citizens happy and their necessities of daily routine and life to be fulfilled by providing stipends and proper health care as well. As our elderly are our heritage and country as well.

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