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Photo: Pinterest
The government has decided to launch radio schools and education portals for students studying remotely.

On Friday Prime Minister Imran Khan disclosed that the Government is launching ‘radio schools’ and ‘education portals’ to cater to students who are learning remotely during the ongoing second wave of COVID-19.

The Premier attended the meeting yesterday to discuss the current educational predicament in Pakistan and share views regarding the Federal Ministry of Education’s suggestions on the matter. The ‘e-Taleem’ educational portals are aiming to help students focus on their studies and continue learning without disruption amid the chaos caused by the novel coronavirus, which has resulted in the closure of schools and resuming of online classes.

The Government has attested that well-qualified and capable instructors will be hired to teach, ensuring a professional level of learning for students who have missed out on vital education during this period of distance learning.

“The current system marginalises the poor segments of the society by putting a limit on their potential. I also think that it was very important to mainstream religious seminaries because they have been isolated for a long time,”

PM Khan further stated that a Singular National Curriculum was to be introduced in order to strengthen Pakistan as a unified nation, bridging the divide currently felt due to different types of schooling systems including Urdu and English medium schools.

“Introducing a uniform curriculum was difficult, nonetheless, it is a great achievement of the government,”

The Prime Minister also discussed improving the education system in the country with the held of the Federal Ministry of Education, we hope to see more changes in favour of this in the future.

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