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Photo: FabFitFun
Photo: FabFitFun
Japanese Consultant, Marie Kondo, termed her organisation method, 'KonMari', a process through which you can free your space.

Marie Kondo has written four books on organisation, selling millions of copies and having her coined method become increasingly popular recently. When it comes to having a positive space, the 'KonMari' method is a reliable way to go, and here's why!

The KonMari method refers to organising things in a categorical way, starting of with clothes, then perhaps books, magazines, papers and then ultimately discarding things that will no longer 'spark joy' and keep items that speak to the heart.

The process is quite effective for decluttering your household and creating a positive space and environment to bond in and benefit from. Similarly, we can also declutter our social media feed the same way, by following the KonMari method online, whether it be unfollowing accounts that do not spark any joy, keeping pages and posts that are close to the heart, and more.

Photo: Process.St
Photo: Process.St

Mental health has become a crucial topic in recent times, especially in Pakistan, where the general attitude towards it is a bit insensitive due to a lack of awareness. By using an effective way to declutter and simplify things, we are able to create a space for ourselves which we can take from, rather than have it take from us.

More information on the Marie Kondo method is available online, and to help put things into perspective, a KonMari checklist for the house, or even for social media decluttering can prove extremely successful, purifying our environment and letting go of what we don't need!

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