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Osman Khalid Butt took to Twitter to condemn Bilal Saeed after his video showing him use violence against a woman went viral.

Yesterday on the 4th of February, a video of singer Bilal Saeed went viral in which he had gotten into a rumble with his brother and an unnamed woman, who he later used violence against as he can be seen beating her along with assaulting his brother in a fit of rage.

The Baari singer later took to Twitter to defend his actions, alleging that he had no other choice but to react in an abhorrent manner due to his predicament.

"When the safety and dignity of a person is violated and jeopardized over and over again, he unfortunately is left with no option but to react."

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The singer further shared images of his home on social media, showing its vandalized condition and how he had to protect his family after enduring both physical and verbal abuse himself.

“I am not proud of engaging in a physical fight but I am only human and it was a reaction to all the torture I suffered. I am sorry that my fans had to see this side of me and I do not intend to support or promote violence."

However, other members of the fraternity were not pleased, to say the least. Osman Khalid Butt, who speaks out against humanitarian issues and endorses feminism was appalled by the musician's behaviour. He took to social media himself to clarify a few points which were made.

"Just so we're clear, he instigated it. This is physical assault, not meme fodder. Please understand this is not normal behavior; it cannot be condoned or played for a laugh. You don't hit women. Please, have some decency."

The Ehd-e-Wafa actor further emphasised, *'in plainer words, no,

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