Salman Iqbal and Javed Afridi go head to head with each other!

Putting a fresh spin on the classic ‘Kasoti’ format of yesterdays, Kasoti Online on Express Entertainment pits two celebrity friends against each other in this guessing game.

The format is simple - one player thinks of a personality and the other player has to guess who it is, by asking no more than 20 questions. Hosted by the ‘King of Comedy’ Ahmed Ali Butt, Kasoti Online airs every Saturday at 7:30 pm on Express Entertainment. Both contestants join the action from their own locations, with the host in studio.

The 25th episode of the show featured two giants of the cricket business:

Salman Iqbal - owner of Karachi Kings

Javed Afridi - owner of Peshawar Zalmi

The two rivals/friends had each other puzzled as to which personality they were guessing. In the final around, both Salman Iqbal and Javed Afridi went up against Ahmed Ali Butt. Of course, we’re not going to tell you who won the final round. But we did enjoy the banter and friendly rivalry between the three gents!

Check out the full episode here:

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