Lehrpk, Kalm, and Humdum are three of our favourite small, local brands creating sustainable, stylish and versatile accessories!

What’s the fun of accessories that are redundant and overdone? Most fast fashion brands are mass producing accessories that are plain, basic, and lack creativity, while local brands are creating more unique, fusion, and quirky pieces. Shopping local is also more beneficial for our economy and environment!


Lehrpk was started by four creative women who have a shared passion for art, fashion, and the environment. They strive to make high quality, sustainable and environmentally friendly products which are not easily available in Pakistan. The founders shared with us the inspiration behind starting their brand, “We all realized the importance of locally sourced businesses from classes we had on Pakistan’s economic future and the importance of entrepreneurship.” The founders of Lehr aimed to produce products they noticed a lack of: anything related to arts and craft. Lehr’s instagram page shows a wide variety of hand-stitched headbands and bandanas. Their collection also has beautiful silk scarves in elegant prints and fun colours. Apart from accessories, the brand also creates quirky and one-of-a-kind hand-painted notebooks.

In the future, Lehrpk hopes to add more products to their collection.


Pronounced “Ka-am” this trendy and super stylish brand has a line of fun accessories and clothing items. The brand's mantra is to showcase the handwork and talent of Pakistani artisans using western trends. Their website features three signature accessories: bucket hats, scarfs, and oversized scrunchies. Their bucket hats come in four variations: black, lavender, pastel green, and our personal favourite monochrome floral hat. Any plain, everyday outfit can be made more “in-style” by adding one of Kalm’s bucket hats.

Armna Khan, the brains behind Kalm shared with us her brand's vision for the future ,”The vision for the brand is to become a platform for artists/artisans of Pakistan to showcase their work. We are interested in all forms of creativity and collaboration. Whether it’s a pun on a T-shirt, or a 100 paged illustrated book, we’re onboard.”


Humdum is an emerging acessory brand based in Lahore: their vision is to create designs that represent Pakistan's rich culture in a way that appeals to younger generations. Gen Z is hard to please but Humdum's collection of 100% cotton tote bags can be worn with any outfit western or eastern. Their tote bags are excellent quality and can be used to carry school books, grocerys or even your laptop. My personal favourite tote bag is called the Markhor bag, it features our nations motto and beautful blue accents of our national animal the markhor.

Humdum also sells a line of fun embroided patches that can be ironed onto any clothing or denim item.

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