Bao Bae is the first in the series of food trucks being developed by team behind Karachi Eat.

Covid-19 forced us to adapt in ways we never thought possible: push our comfort zones, think outside the box, and innovate! One thing Pakistanis live on is eating at restaurants but when lockdown hit we had to find new ways to enjoy meals with friends and family. Bao Bae has shown us that food trucks really are a step up from street-side dining!

The Bao Bae food-truck gives us the best of all worlds: the quick pace of fast food, the Covid-safe aspect, and delicious food. While visiting the food-truck I didn’t know what to expect because it seemed difficult to create an ambiance considering the roadside traffic of Karachi.

Arriving at the launch I was pleasantly surprised by the vibe Bao Bae had managed to create. There was music playing and food rolling quickly out the truck. Bao Baes menu is simple with six items total: a variety of baos and udon noodles. The bao buns are made in-house, the texture is soft and fluffy. The choice of fillings are Chicken Karaage, Braised Beef, and Crispy Prawn.

The Chicken Karaage Bao was tangy with perfectly cooked chicken. The crispy chicken is topped with Bao Bae signature sauce, pickled cabbage and spicy mayo. The Braised Beef Bao was topped with a delicious chilli peanut butter, toasted peanut butter, and coriander. The Crispy Prawn Bao was a crowd favourite: crunchy coated prawns, chilli lime salt, spicy tarter sauce, and pickled onion. The bao buns were not only flavourful but full of different textures.

The second item on their menu is three variations of hand-cut udon noodles. They offer two sauces Black Pepper Tamarind and the Bao Bae signature sauce. The black pepper sauce is spicy with a slight undertone of tamarind and the Bao Bae signature is perfectly balanced spicy with sweet: the udon noodles have the options of beef, chicken, and prawn.

What sets Bao Bae apart from other ventures is that everything is made from scratch, in-house, free of processing. We asked Daniyal Ahmed, one of the partners in the venture, about what inspired him to start Bao Bae he said, “We hope to achieve quality and innovation at the best price.” Bao Bae’s entire menu is priced at lower than Rs 700 per head and a large serving of udon is priced at Rs 400 only.

The food truck is parked at the corner of Shahbaz commercial near Evergreen and Famous Os. Visit Bao Bae for delicious well-priced and flavour filled food at great prices.Take a picture at Bao Bae and use the hashtag #baobaepk.

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