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Some of Haseena Moin’s male creations outlived their colleagues due to their idiosyncrasies

She came, she wrote and she created some of the most memorable characters in the history of Pakistan Television.

For nearly fifty years, Haseena Moin continued to use her imagination and come up with side characters who might not have been integral to the main plot but made the main plot interesting. They supported the story in their own way, diverting the attention of the main characters to the real issue, having a separate arc for themselves, and providing comic relief in the process.

Let’s take a look at some of the male characters created by the ‘female’ playwright, putting characteristics into them like a Creator who is proud of his creations. Read one:

Hasnat Bhai in Uncle Urfi – Jamshed Ansari

Late Jamshed Ansari was on top of his game in Uncle Urfi; not only did he think highly of himself besides being the person with the lowest IQ in the room, he used this quality to provide comic relief to the audience. His frequent dialogue ‘Chakku Hai Mere Paas’ became a rage as did his peculiar laugh, his mannerisms and his being oblivious to how others felt about him. He would shake hands with the person next to him without realizing that he had oil on them; he would make weird actions with his hands to ask people to come over and then fight for everyone’s right without knowing that he had zero respect in his circles.

Mamoon in Ankahi – Salim Nasir

Everyone needs a ‘Mamoon’ in their life like Salim Nasir’s character; nobody knows what he did for a living because he was always home yet he was friendly, accessible and a ‘Mamoon’ to all. Be it postponing the wedding of one of her niece’s friends or giving illogical advice to anyone who would listen, Mamoon always delivered. Haseena Moin must be commended for coming up with a character who posed as a winner when in fact he was a loser. Salim Nasir was known for his serious acting before Ankahi yet there was no stopping him afterward as he immortalized Akbar in Aangan Terha and the Neutral Umpire in PTV Awards a few years later.

Qabacha in Tanhaiyyan – Behroz Sabzwari

His real name was Qutubuddin, yet Behroz Sabzwari’s character became famous as Qabacha because of his inability to connect with fellow humans, take decisions on his own, and above all, fall in love. While Behroz Sabzwari’s earlier performance as Mobi (in Haseena Moin’s Ankahi) made him a household name, Qabacha became his most loved and memorable performance. Even after 35 years of Tanhaiyyan, people remember him as the cute bespectacled guy who was always wearing a three-piece suit, yet fell for his employer’s neighbor and the rest is history. Things he did to impress her or what his employer suggested he can do to kill himself are now part of the pop culture, especially the scene where he acts as if he is dead, but isn’t!

Buqrat in Tanhaiyyan – Jamshed Ansari

Tanhaiyyan would easily fall amongst the top three dramas of Haseena Moin’s career; not only did it have a storyline that revolved around a strong woman, it also had the weirdest characters and Buqrat was one of them. He was employed by the elder sister of the leading lady’s uncle, yet became famous for his guidance and his personal issues. Played by Haseena Moin’s favorite Jamshed Ansari (who also breather life into Hasnat Bhai in Uncle Urfi and Timmy in Ankahi besides other characters), Buqrat’s employer Aapa Bi (Azra Sherwani) was a ‘tyrant’ who had no regard for other humans, yet believed in her heart that she was doing a favor to the other person. How Buqrat handled her was one of the best moments of the serial, as were his advice-giving sessions, to whoever was willing to listen. A ‘kehne main kia harj hai’ moment always concluded these sessions!

Dr. Irfan in Dhoop Kinare – Sajid Hasan

In a world full of serious-minded doctors, be like Dr. Irfan! Veteran actor Sajid Hasan was an aspiring journalist when he was picked up by Haseena Moin; his TV debut had all the ingredients of a classic side character – he seemed intelligent in front of his subordinates but not his superiors, spoke in a peculiar accent that was loved by the audience and flirted with every girl he could lay his eyes on. Thankfully, he met Dr. Zoya’s friend Anji (Kehkashan Awan) and became engaged to her but not after taming her strict father (Hameed Wyne) with the very characteristics that made him stand out from his colleagues.

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