Tipped to be the most sought after menswear designer, what makes Emraan Rajput click?

Menswear often plays second fiddle to womenswear when it comes to both the business of fashion. Fewer brands, fewer shoes and certainly less glamour.

However, in the past couple of decades we have seen a change in consumption patterns - with an increasing number of gents wanting to be better dressed followed by a rise in brands and designers catering to the male of the species. Even then, the exclusively menswear designer is still a rare occurrence and then there are those who make it - the ones who rise above the monotony. One of those is Emraan Rajput.

Born and raised in Karachi, Emraan always knew he wanted to work in fashion. From bespoke groomswear to edgier cuts, the Emraan Rajput label offers a diverse range of looks for the modern man.

We spoke to him about what makes him one of the fastest growing menswear label in Pakistan today.

What is the secret of behind your meteoric rise in mens' fashion?

I honestly believe it comes with understanding textile and being able to mixing my knowledge of menswear with an understanding of style. I can happily say that I feel the Emraan Rajput brand works on creating ensembles that are a part of the client’s preference and part what we think will look best on then

What is the perfect Emraan Rajput garment?

The perfect Emraan Rajput garment is one in which the client feels completely comfortable and also is able to work that X-factor that our ensembles brings to the world of fashion and that particular look.

What do you think is the X factor in your label, that all celebs want to wear it?

I sincerely believe it’s our understanding of what the celebrity clientele likes and what would look best on them. You need to make them feel fashionable and also give them the confidence to look as great as they also feel.

Where is Emraan Rajput headed in the future? Any plans for tapping into the international market?

I think the brand will definitely look into more avenues soon. I believe the Pakistani market is vast as of now. So, perhaps after it.

What's your favourite thing to do when you are not designing?

I think apart from designing what I love doing is spending time with my family. It gives me a stress-free environment to relax and that then helps me later to work with a free mind.

Emraan is an unassuming superstar of Pakistani fashion. He is humble, yet opinionated. His designs are coveted by celebrities, and are beginning to dominate the larger market as well. The masculine grace that Emraan Rajput ensembles carry will be a look worth watching as he continues to rise.

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