Environmentally friendly, but make it fashion

You may have heard about the rise in sustainable fashion as we become increasingly aware of the environmental impact of our clothes. From the discussion of fast fashion and its detrimental effect on global warming to the unethical nature of production for many of the world’s most famous brands, the focus has shifted to sustainable fashion.

But what exactly does sustainable fashion mean?

Sustainable fashion refers to garments that are produced, distributed, and utilised with the highest regard towards the environment and socio-economic factors. Ensuring that brands efficiently use natural resources and reduce pollution goes hand in hand with ensuring that workers get paid fair wages in safe working conditions.

Consumers have the most power in implementing the spread of sustainable fashion. The more we support sustainability, the higher the chance of companies improving their production processes. Next time you find yourself in need of more clothes, focus on these factors to guide you on a more sustainable path.

Purchase Fewer Clothes

The power of consumers to increase sustainability is more widespread than just impacting the production process. We can help the sustainability movement by choosing to purchase fewer clothes. By doing so, the garment industry would use less natural resources and, as a result, have less of an environmental impact.

Shop Thrifted Clothing

Consider buying pre-loved clothing from brands such as thriftology.pk or thrifticy.pk. By opting for second-hand clothing, you will reduce the environmental impact of your closet by extending the life of these garments. This option is perfect for fashionistas who want one-of-a-kind pieces that they can style as they please.

Know Which Materials To Look For

The most simple rule when looking out for materials is to avoid synthetic fabrics like polyester and nylon. Instead, opt for organic materials such as linen, cotton and silk. This is because organic materials are biodegradable, while synthetic fibres cannot compost into the soil.

Focus On Workers Rights

It is important to remember that the sustainability matrix includes focusing on workers rights as well. With recent headlines showing the terrible working conditions of fast fashion brands such as H&M, we must make an effort to ensure that garment workers are treated ethically. The best way to do this is to purchase from brands that disclose information about their factories and working conditions.

Although we cannot perfectly shift towards sustainable fashion overnight, it is our responsibility to make an effort to contribute to the sustainability movement. If you find yourself in need of more clothes, keep an eye out for these simple factors and play your role in the global movement.

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