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Dads we would like to appreciate.

There are a couple of things that come to mind when we think about Fathers Day. It could be buying the perfect present, planning the most fulfilling activity, or making a homemade card. But what better way to celebrate fathers day than to ogle...appreciate some of the hottest celebrity dads!

David Beckham

Former football star, fashion icon and father to Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper, David Beckham is eye-candy, to say the least! Beckham is sure to turn some heads, whether he is effortlessly wearing a casual ensemble or rocking the classic three-piece suit.

Will Smith

Aside from his charming personality seen on Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, Will Smith is the type of dad who is sure to supply the humour at family gatherings. Will Smith's supportive parenting style has raised creative children who have grown to become celebrities themselves. Pairing his brooding character in Men In Black with his attractive sense of humour, Will Smith was sure to make it on our list of hottest dads!

Zayn Malik

This list would be incomplete without mentioning one of the latest members of the celeb fatherhood club. Nominated for People's Sexiest New Dad, Zayn Malik gets even more attractive as we see glimpses of his relationship with his beautiful daughter Khai.

Fawad Khan

Shifting the focus to our own entertainment industry, several names come to mind when we think HOT. However, Fawad Khan takes the prize as Pakistan's hottest dad! Father to Ayaan and Elayna, Fawad Khan is as exceptional a father as he is on-screen. An interview with Sadaf Khan, his wife, revealed that Fawad Khan is fantastic at cooking…and what's more attractive than a man who can cook!

Dukagjin Lipa

Although this name may not ring a bell at first glance, when you see a picture of Dukagjin, commonly known as 'Dua Lipa's dad,' you'll understand the hype. While his daughter is better known for her astounding singing abilities, Dukagjin has a fan group based on his model looks. President of Sunny Hill Foundation, a charity working to help the most vulnerable areas of Prishtina-Kosovo, Dukagjin, is as charitable as he is good looking. No wonder Dukagjin Lipa is such a hot topic on social media these days!

While we are all for recognising these gorgeous dads in the entertainment industry, make sure you don't forget to appreciate your own dad this Father's Day. Organise a special meal, participate in his favourite hobby, play a sport together...and then come back to this list to appreciate the other dads.

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