5 hacks to stretch your perfume longer

Many people underestimate the power of a good perfume. A powerful waft of scent can spice up your outfit and embody any style you wish it to. Not to mention, it is the perfect last-minute fix to step up your look in case you're running late!

However, as necessary as perfume may be, most brands are heavy on the pocket. That is why we have compiled a list of perfume hacks in order to smell amazing, feel amazing, and not go broke while you're at it!

The key to making your perfume bottles finish slower is to ensure that you make the fragrance last longer.

Target Your Pulse Points

One way in which you can ensure your perfume remains fragrant for longer is by targeting your pulse points and warmer areas. These areas include the inside of your elbows, your neck, ankles, behind the knees and inside of your wrists. At pulse points, your blood vessels are closer to the surface of your skin, and so the area is slightly warmer. These areas naturally radiate heat, helping the fragrance to waft from the skin more effectively, making the perfume last longer and remain intense.

Apply Vaseline

Whenever faced with a problem, Vaseline consistently appears as a saviour. From lashes and chapped lips to curing all your fragrance concerns, Vaseline truly is a miracle worker. To make your perfume last for longer, apply Vaseline to your pulse points before spraying perfume on top. The fragrance lasts longer when applied to hydrated or oily skin, so Vaseline locks in the scent.

Don't Rub Your Wrists Together

While we're discussing perfume hacks, it is essential to mention what NOT to do as well. I'm sure we've all heard, and fallen for, the myth regarding rubbing your wrists together to maximise the scent of the perfume. However, doing this causes the aroma to fade even faster as it breaks down the fragrance's top notes. Instead, when you spray on the perfume, leave it as it is and avoid rubbing it at all costs.

Spray Your Hairbrush

There's nothing worse than your hair smelling of Desi masala after just momentarily entering the kitchen. Your hair retains scents even more effectively than your skin does, which is why you should try spraying perfume on your hair! Spray your hairbrush with two-three bursts of fragrance and comb it through your hair. If you are sceptical about using perfume on your hair, try using a hair mist which not only smells great but has benefits for your hair too!

Scented Clothes

Spray tissues with your favourite perfume and place them in your wardrobe. Your clothes will have a long-lasting scent with exactly the fragrance you'd like to be associated with.

Try out these perfume hacks, and rock the confidence that comes with smelling amazing!

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