What to do, eat and buy in the city!

Apologies for the hiatus but many splendid things are afoot at the Edition headquarters. That said, I do have some tried and tested experiences for you to indulge in this weekend and which to absolutely avoid.



There are plenty of vaccines available free of cost at centers across the country. Do not rely on hearsay and Twitter rumours and assume that the second dose is not available. It is! There was a delay of a few days for those who wanted to get their first shot, as the Government replenished supplies. This is now done and Sinovac vaccines are available for all. The coveted Pzifer vaccine for those with underlying conditions.

Watch ‘Neeli Zinda Hai’

Personally, I love a bit of a scare but have always been apprehensive about desi horror dramas. However, this one starring Urwa Hocane, Sonia Mishal, Mohib Mirza and Jenaan Hussain is really tastefully done. And relatable too (which makes it even more scary). The drama has got viewers raving about Jenaan’s role and performance. Instead of giving you any spoilers, giving you a bit of a BTS from Jenaan herself.


This week is actually more of a ‘what-not-to-eat. One bad food experience after another this week has left me a bit heart broken. The Dolmen Mall Food Court/Patio is a bit of a hot mess. Mixed up orders, huge delays in service, no card machines and disgruntled staff. I also ventured out to Mews this week and let’s just say it could have been better. Are restaurants just out of practice? Xander’s served up good food but with ridiculous levels of crowding. I almost feel like they added tables, instead of reducing them.

Oh and almost forgot about the absolute disaster that was Thaal.pk. Considering that it comes from the creative kitchen of The East End, it was just not something I would go back to. They did, however, call back and offer a replacement meal. Hopefully, something will change.


Sanvarna Accessories

But I did find some valuable retail therapy at a time when food disappointed me so badly. The next best thing for me to blow my cash on is jewelry - while I am a precious metals kinda girl, I am the quirky-cool-ethnic kinda girl. And always on the lookout for home grown brands and curators who match my mood. One such business I learnt about this week is ‘Savarna’ - such a pretty name too!

Starting out as a venture between two university friends - Alina Nagi and Saba Hussain - who wanted to pay off their fees, these girls now employ a team of six to run the website and manage the business. The girls now source their peices from local artisans all over the country. They will deliver nationwide and the prices are very, very reasonable. You can place your orders here.

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