Esfir Jewels Brings Forward A Powerful Campaign Featuring Ayesha Chundrigar as a Woman of Substance

Ever since its inception, Esfir Jewels has turned out to be a jewelry brand with a purpose, and this concept grows further on a daily basis. In their latest campaign, the much-loved brand has shown their continuous effort towards supporting more women of substance by turning their luxurious photoshoot with Ayesha Chundrigar one you won’t be able to stop loving for all the right reasons!

The bastion of animal rights in Pakistan, Ayesha Chundrigar is the mind behind the eponymous foundation that has become a safe haven for all rescues of the zoological kind. Thus, it made all the sense to bring someone like Ayesha into the picture with Esfir – as the two brands see eye to eye in so many ways.

Focusing on elements that Esfir feels every woman of substance entail, the campaign with Ayesha brought forward a set of enticing imagery where the idea of compassion, resilience, valor, persistence and empathy was made the milieu for the photoshoot.

“This campaign was a much-needed creative release from the heartbreaking job I do daily,” Ayesha wrote on her Facebook post regarding the campaign. “My work makes one feel isolated, alone, scared and mentally exhausted and I realised I need something to channel the pain and what better way than getting dolled up with a burst of glamour.”

Ayesha went on to further explain each of the elements that Esfir has juxtaposed with her for every look.

Starting with resilience, Ayesha likened the hues of emerald green with the idea of not only being a healing colour but also representing renewal and abundance. She brought forward the aim to keep going no matter what.

For the second element in a woman of substance, Esfir explored compassion within Ayesha. The philanthropist likened the hues of blue to represent sincerity, which she feels is the only way she has been able to do what she does by being ‘authentically her.’

As its third element in a woman of substance, Esfir chose persistence – which resonated the most with Ayesha as well. Considering it her favourite look, the humanitarian and activist considered the shade of white to represent her attitude of never giving up. She considers it to be an example of her efforts to keep on going forward.

For the fourth element in the series exploring what makes a woman of substance, Esfir delved into the concept of valor. For Ayesha, this translated into her support system which has continued to let her be who she is, even in the worst of situations. For her it represents the mental discipline of courage which she has mastered.

As the final element in the series, Esfir chose empathy as its crowing jewel. For Ayesha, the meaning of the word itself, holds the most importance. The concept that empathy is akin to stepping into the skin of another and walking around in it makes it the perfect driving force behind ACF. Empathy drives passion and passion drives action.

With all these five elements combined, Esfir has truly put forward a campaign that brings the nation face to face with a woman who truly has all these 5 characteristics as well as the passion to do more for the many animals who seek refuge with her foundation.

All we could say is a major kudos to the brand and ACF both, for doing what they do best!

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