Stretch your rupee to the max!

The prospect of sales and discounts is a mood booster for many of us, who love to shop goods on slashed prices rather than regular ones. Discounts are incredibly appealing to customers, and they cannot just attract more customers, but they can also draw back old ones. Brands consistently use this psychological tactic to attract consumers and make their sales skyrocket. Women consumers, notably, are quite easy to please and tempt into splurging on sales as most of us must have seen in Pakistani stores and malls.

From shoes to grocery, to makeup, clothes and furniture, every franchise that wishes to grow, puts up sales on any occasion be it, Pakistan day, Independence Day or even the mere thought of having a clearance sale at hand, does excite several people.

Beautify by Amna

Founded and run by a woman, BBA by Suleman is among Pakistan's most well-known cosmetics companies. It has a large selection of high-quality products, ranging from liquid foundations to beauty blenders and lipsticks. Nowadays, they are offering their summer clearance sale which has cut down the prices by almost 70 percent as per their website. Isn’t that number enough to secure them the best place in the makeup industry and boosted sales?

For me, their winning product is the luminous foundation!

Pre-Wedding season sale at Bareeze

With covid’19 restrictions getting lesser, and marriage halls opening, there is a swarm of people out there who want to get married with all the bells and whistles, which obviously includes having wedding clothes. With this pre wedding sale, Bareeze has slashed down the prices till 30 percent, on both women and men collections, which in my opinion is not bad since wedding clothes are already quite expensive to procure in the first place.

Outfitters season end sale

This is the greatest time to upgrade and stock up for the winter coats, sweatshirts, and pants with outfitters, being one of the leading brands for western and contemporary clothing in Pakistan. They have drastically reduced their prices, thus, enticing more and more customers to head over to a nearby outlet and get that vintage, Instagram worthy winter look rolling out!

Well, precisely our reaction to this huge sale!

The show mania summer sale by Stylo

From showcasing advertisements on television to YouTube, Facebook, or regular text messages, Stylo has really implemented all of it’s marketing tactics in this sale, and rightfully so since the discount is worth looking at. Offering a unique number of 51 percent off, the brand has really leveled up its game on all kinds of footwear, clothing, and bags, be it for kids or women or men, you have it all here!

Urban Galleria

Pakistan’s leading furniture brand is here with 70 percent discounts on premium and regular furniture, ranging from the smallest tables to hefty bed sets, you have everything covered for creating a house or office space that speaks of luxury and elegance from its interiors!

Doesn’t this living room exude the best fall vibes? You can get these sofa sets made from Urban Galleria and sales are the best time to indulge in it!

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