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After the devastating pandemic this year, we can appreciate the efforts put into small beautification projects across the city.

Karachi is known for being the metropolis of Pakistan, but being a big and busy city, we often forget that without being tended to, the beauty of the area suffers. Unlike an added natural benefit the countryside may have, Karachi has to focus its attention on preserving and restoring what already exists, along with small projects in place to work on the more 'neglected' areas to aptly phrase it.

With Karachi Administrator Iftikhar Shallwani already inaugurating the restoration of historical landmark Frere Hall in the centre of the city, the Karachi Metropolitan Cooperation (KMC) has been working on restoration projects of different National Heritage Sites as well as adding monuments around the city.

As Commissioner Mr. Shallwani is also focusing his efforts on adding elements of education which can prove beneficial, such as establishing street libraries spread across Clifton and Defence, hoping to make citizens feel more acquainted with books, as 'friends' for a more educated society. Subsequently, 'Chips Corner' around Clifton Bridge is also another beautification project in the works, aiming to create a more positive and relaxed atmosphere in Karachi.

KMC previously organised a 'Saaf Karachi' campaign on World Cleanup Day with the Sindh Solid Waste Management Board (SSWMB), hoping to encourage citizens to pick up after themselves and consciously take care of Karachi, not fill it with litter. Additionally, efforts to beautify different areas of the metropolis are bearing fruit, with people noticing the details near Teen Hatti Bridge, the Clifton Underpass, 'Shaheed Prof Saleem Kharal Underpass' - the latter of which has a fresh mural painted with a strong message emphasising the importance of wearing a mask, with more work being carried out by citizens to renovate and aesthetically restore the underpass.

With renovative and restorative work being carried out across Karachi, we can't help but admire the energy and ardent efforts channeled into making the city more appealing. Not only does it encourage people to preserve what already exists, but it sends out a message of hope with details while also showcasing local talent, whether it be through the murals which brighten up the atmosphere, or through the small pop-up libraries and freshly painted bridges.

We hope to see similar projects take place in Karachi and all over Pakistan, and be appreciative of it, in order to see a lasting positive impact in the port city.

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