Because we just can't get enough of this game!

Creator Hwang Dong-hyuk began working on the script all the way back in 2008!

When the creator of the show first approached digital houses for his TV show they found the idea unimaginable and strange! Can you believe that? Big props to Netflix for always taking the steps others are afraid of.

The series was initially intended to be a movie!

While we’re happy to see Squid Game in the form of a series, this almost wasn’t the case! The original idea was for a movie installment but we’re glad to have something we can all binge instead.

The doll from the first game actually exists!

Yup! You heard that right. Three hours south of South Korea’s capital Seoul is Jincheon County which is home to the eerie oversized doll. According to the locals, it is placed there to guard an entrance to a horse carriage museum.

One of the challenges from the show has become a viral TikTok trend!

Unless you live under a rock (no offense to Patrick Star), there is no way you haven’t seen the famous dalgona candy! This honeycomb toffee is simple to make and the people of TikTok are taking advantage of that by creating their own versions.

There are no concrete plans for season 2 as of yet!

Nor Netflix or the show creator have yet confirmed the plans for a second season of the show! But that doesn’t mean there is no hope at all! However, it is speculated that if the show continues it won’t focus on the contestants.

Abdul Ali was almost played by a different actor!

Fan favourite character played by the superbly talented Anupam Tripathi wows the audience with his selflessness and loyalty as it directly juxtaposes the whole point of the games! But he almost didn’t make it to your screens! Filipino actor Christian Lagahit revealed in a recent interview that he initially auditioned for the role of Ali in Netflix’s Squid Game, before being cast as another character. He was the character that Ali picked to join them for the tug of war challenge.

Most of the games are foreshadowed early on in the show!

For those of you who noticed on the first round, congratulations! But for the rest of us, take a look at the image and check out how one of the show's earlier scenes had clues drawn with information about the games.

A real phone number was included!

The show’s team accidentally left a real Korean number included in the series and it's safe to say the owner of this particular cell number received a fair share of calls from fans!

Originally, the show had a different name!

The show’s original name was meant to be “Round Six”!! Safe to say after a bunch of name related memes out there on the internet, we’re glad that didn’t stick.

While there are no plans yet for Season 2, we can only imagine the kind of merchandising and fan faction industry that will arise from the phenomenon that is Squid Game!

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