Curious Things draws inspiration from Alice in Wonderland

Esfir is one of those jewelry brands that draws you in with it’s storytelling. Starting out with their iconic bird cage earrings, each piece is crafted to tell a story and also become a part of your personal story - whether it’s your engagement, graduation, wedding or a promotion at work. Their latest collection ‘Curious Things’ tells an imaginative, larger than life story - of an girl on a adventure of the mind and senses - Alice in Wonderland!

To be honest, we did not figure it out right away…

So we asked Hafsa Zuberi, one of the creative powerhouses behind Esfir to tell us a bit about the collection:

Esfir is a brand built on making a statement – and this collection in particular is our most conceptual yet, as all the pieces incorporate various elements of a story we’ve all read – Alice in Wonderland. The story itself is a mix of fantasy & surrealism, and that’s reflected in the pieces themselves. From whimsical teacups to keyhole bracelets, each piece has a story, ranging from grand statement necklaces to elegant tops. We’ve also experimented with more colourful gemstones this time around, keeping in mind the aesthetic of the collection. This is a collection you can wear for a day time brunch or a formal dinner, depending on how you style it and that’s the kind of fluidity we wanted the pieces to have.

Here’s what we love about the collection so far!

The Ladies

The sublime Maleena Mansoor as Alice epitomises the wonder and grace of a curious young woman stepping into a whole new world. The choice of style and wardrobe is so beautifully whimsical! Just like Alice!

Then we are introduced to Imaan Madani as the fierce Red Queen. And good God she is a powerful queen! Imaan Madani channels a powerful, edgy queen vibe that is mesmerising.

The Subtle Story Telling

We love the subtle Alice in Wonderland references woven into the individual pieces of the collection. Have a look at this Bird In The Tree Set. What a wonderful depiction of the bird that mistook Alice for a serpent. The 22k gold plated birds in a filigree frame surrounded by freshwater pearls almost feels like a cinematic frame.

The tea party references are sprinkled throughout the collection but these hand-painted inverted teacups with freshwater pearls pouring out of them are just exquisite! These are bound to be a conversation starter at a winter afternoon soiree.

These Pieces!

The Queen’s Jewels Necklace has all the making of an heirloom piece to be handed down the generations. It is a classic design with a rich green hued crystal surrounded by crystals. It is also a very versatile piece - whether you style it with an old school sari or an edgy black pant suit, it is sure to dominate the room. There’s also a ring and earrings to go with it.

We just cannot take our mind off these Limited Edition Pink Raven earrings.The watermelon tourmaline hanging from these gorgeous pink birds by an ‘invisible rope’ is just so beautiful! Such a beautiful interplay of color, technique and storytelling.

If I sound like I am swooning over ‘Curious Things’ by Esfir that’s because I am! They are perfect for a whimsical winter festive season if over-the-top ‘shaadi’ jewelry is not for you.

Our personal favourite? The Queen's Heart earrings with the beautiful enamel black rose and more than 200 crystals applied painstakingly by hand.

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