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Arman Ali Pasha is a heart throb in the making.

Arman Ali Pasha started his acting career with a drama on HUM Tv and has since then earned a name for himself owing to his promising and convincing acting skills. Model turned actor, Arman has garnered a huge fanbase within a short period of time. He was last seen in a Pakistani short film named ‘Heartbeat’. He has also starred in various TV serials including ‘Meri Mishaal’ and ‘Mujhe Rang De’.

Scroll down to see us have a chat with Arman discussing his shift from modelling to acting, his passion for acting and more.

How did you shift from modelling to acting? Was this a planned move?

I always aspired to be an actor, I have always been in awe of the craft of acting and the ability to portray various characters, so when the time was right, I made the move.

What has been the highlight of your acting career?

It has been a great journey throughout, however, working on my drama serial ‘Mujhay Rang De’ would definitely be the highlight.

Has the pandemic affected your career in any way? How do you intend to tackle that?

I think the pandemic has affected everyone but I’m happy to see the world getting back to normal now. One needs to have the right attitude when approaching any difficulty, same goes for the pandemic. I hope everyone is staying safe and precautious.

Do you believe in team work or prefer taking the lead in whatever project you take upon?

I’m a huge team player but I love taking the lead & expressing my vision as well. Best of both worlds, you may say?

Your interviews show that you read a lot, which book would you like to be adapted into a movie or TV show in Pakistan?

I do like to read a lot in my free time and truly believe it helps to open up your mind. I would love to play ‘Jalal ad-Din Mohammad Rumi’ on screen and bring his aura to light.

Which project of yours is closer to your heart?

There are many but ‘Mujhay Rang De’ is the one I like the most. I had a great time working on the drama and it was a huge learning experience.

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