They are clean, green and good looking!

With environmental degradation increasing as a result of human activities, and climate change threatening our mere existence more and more everyday, more celebrities are joining the fight and showing their support for the cause. While they seem to enjoy big life and fame, some celebrities are also making a great difference in the world.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Everyone knows that Leo is the King of climate change awareness. With dozens of foundation and charity work, this man even used his Oscar speech to address this pressing issue.

Khalid Malik

This man feels super passionate about many social causes and environmentalism was not forgotten.

Jane Fonda

In Jane Fonda’s new book about climate action, she writes that “change is coming – by disaster or by design,” and she could either watch it happen or help tip the balance towards the worst. Inspired by Greta Thunberg and global climate change protests in general in 2019, she moved to Washington, D.C. for four months prior to the COVID-19 shutdowns. Ever since then she has been working with Greenpeace in the capitol!

Ayesha Omar

Currently participating in the 7 day challenge alongside @swedeninpakistan, Ayesha Omar has decided to carry reusable bags on all her shopping trips to prevent plastic waste. This trend is not new or rare today thankfully, many cautious shoppers around the world can be seen carrying tote bags in such on their grocery runs!

Mark Ruffalo

If the Hulk can do it, so can you! Ruffalo was inspired to start The Solutions Project after getting involved in anti-fracking movements near his home in upstate New York. His journey through the environmental space has brought him to recognize the very real inequalities in the movement, like the race disparity of the cause.

Anoushey Ashraf

Almost always seen taking part in a social awareness movement, and an avid fan of natural spaces -- this celebrity is active in the fight against climate change.

Their fame and following comes with a great deal of influence, and many of them are using it to raise awareness in order to help save our planet!

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