These quirky artists are ones to watch out for

Whatever your style might be, there’s always the desire to make it known and display it proudly. It’s not always easy to find something that calls out to you in that way — especially when you enjoy things a little out of the ordinary. But no matter how groovy your vibe is, or how out of the box you like your things, here we have 8 businesses based in Pakistan that we think will be helping you strut your style and surround yourself with things that make your life brighter.

Jewelry!? Ha! From those owl necklaces in 2010 to all black chokers that have made a comeback, we all love a little glam. Here’s three unique artists based locally that are here for your needs!!


Using Polymer clay, this magician is transforming a household item into beautiful, wearable statement pieces that are letting so many people out there get into a lot of incoming trends we see on Instagram lately.

Those yummy little fruit rings are screaming for your attention!


So, you’re a forest nymph are you? You love a soft vibe which is ethereal and pretty? Look no further, for this Lahore based shop is making the most delicate and detailed pieces to help you show off that fairy aesthetic.

Apart from earrings and necklaces, this fairy queen is making crystal crowns, best friend charms and many more exciting things!


We’re channeling the 90’s with this one. These cute and simple pieces are the product of some little beads and perhaps some of the best wire work we’ve seen recently. Throw it all together with a bucket hat and you’re going to repping your style boldly and wonderfully.

Do you see the detail in that nose ring? No more boring studs and hoops for us.

Now that you’ve been able to accessorise to your heart's content, invite amazing aromas and aesthetics into your space with the help of these candle wizards seen below.


Spooky, smooth and scrumptious. This local candle vendor is giving us shapes and vibes that are certainly channeling the best kind of dark aesthetic.


At the center of your beautiful marble top tables, should be one of these amazing candles that are dripping with just the most luxurious, glamorous vibes. Soft, pastel colours with a little ancient Roman statute thrown in between? Yes, yes please.

We know that the colours are just delicious so make sure no one takes bites out of your soon to be best display pieces!


Vegan candle wax, beautiful little pots and cups to hold everything together and Buddha busts!? This wizard is giving us everyone we could possibly ask for and more.

The tops of these are giving us life! It seems almost shameful to own one of these and not stare at it for all of time.

Now your space smells nice too, maybe what’s missing is the cutest little touch of crochet? Well, look no further. We have you covered below.


It’s warm, it’s fuzzy and it’s absolutely adorable. Teacher by day and then a magician night, this vendor is doing the most with yarn and giving us something unique and personal to add to our aesthetics.

Now how do we tie all of this together? Duh! You add some of the sickest, space-iest psychedelic art to your space of course!


This artist is a magician too! She’s bringing to life the universe through a lot of her pieces! Just look at that space themed one drawing you right into the beauty of galaxies above.

There are videos of some of the artists work on their Instagram page which leave no questions to be asked — she is definitely repping some otherworldly talent.

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