How to make the most of a cold Karachi

While it may not be the coldest major city in the country, lovely little coastal Karachi has a lovely atmosphere and spirit during the cold season. Temperatures are still not cold enough to severely deter you from being outside, which is a real change from the warm monsoon months where temperatures can reach the 40’s. This means you will find lots of ways to spend time outdoors and do things that most Karachiites don’t get around to unless it's winter.

Try out our suggestions and ensure that you are able to enjoy all the many reasons we look forward to December! Grab your coat or shawl, apply something soft to kill that static in your hair and a little lip balm for the chapping and get going!


Whether you are setting this up in your garden, on a rooftop or even at the best location -- the beach, a bonfire is a staple part of winter in Karachi. Gathering together with friends and family, drinking the warmest cup of chai while eating something hot and spicy, all while sitting beside a warm and vibrant fire is the mark of winter and we just love it!

Outdoor Lunches

Have you ever sat to have lunch at an outdoor cafe in the peak of July and regretted every second of the sweltering ordeal? We understand and we sympathise. In winter however, sitting outdoors in Karachi during lunch hour is just divine. It is not too cold and still sometimes the sun is shining bright to keep you warm enough. Especially with the still ongoing pandemic, this ease in sitting outside is great!

Winter Food Stalls

As the weather changes and it begins to get much colder, you begin to see specific food carts pop up all over the commercial areas of Karachi. Most famous are the roasted peanuts -- known as mong phali by the locals -- as well as the sweet and spicy freshly made sweet potato, otherwise known as shakkar kandi. The people of Karachi wait all year around for these to come into season!

Port Grand

Maybe you haven’t been to Port Grand, Karachi’s so-called food street yet or at least not for a long time -- however, the walk along the pier provides the perfect setting for a scenic stroll in the early hours of the evening. Slather yourself generously with any mosquito repellent cream to protect your skin and enjoy the view of the water with some fresh air.

Drink Orange Juice

Pakistan’s orange is known as the kinnow which is native to the Punjab regions of both India and Pakistan. Much like its cousin fruit species, the kinnow is full of all kinds of benefits and nutrients -- especially vitamin C! You can always make it at home or find freshly squeezed juice at most establishments and cafes.

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