Although most of them had us wondering what was wrong with fashion

This dress which blurred the lines between politics and fashion

AOC made headlines at the 2021 Met Gala, and even landed herself into a ton of trouble at work, all over this simple, white dress with the giant “Tax the Rich” emblazoned on it. As a U.S. Representative, she decided to make her political career an accessory at one of the world’s biggest fashion events. Even though many people disagreed with the on-the-nose way she conveyed her message, she did succeed in sparking a conversation about taxes and structural class disparity around the world.

This look which was more like a game of hide-and-seek

Looking at Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala somehow made me feel like I’m living in a dystopian nightmare. Kardashian wore a full coverage black outfit, giving the illusion that she was more of a shadow than a person. I guess in a pandemic ridden world such a suit would make sense. There were many who were in awe of Kardashian’s constant ability to make a statement and redefine the red carpet. But there were many others who simply could not understand the motivation behind the look. It’s true however that Kardashian was successful in standing out and achieved her goal to awe the audience with something unexpected.

Cardi B in full spring

Paris Fashion Week was no match for this iconic rapper as she strutted around the French streets in this jaw-dropping attire. It’s safe to say she was hard to miss. The overall impression the outfit gave was of a flower in full bloom, with the bright emerald green color adding to the spring vibe. Not only was it an eye-catching outfit, but it was also practical. The high-waisted pleated pants also functioned as heels! So, you slip on this dress, and you’re done! How you wear the dress, or take it off for that matter, is something I cannot comment on.

And this dress which takes up all your trust

Kendall Jenner really rubbed a couple million people the wrong way by showing up in this outfit at a friend’s wedding. Many called her out for being disrespectful and accused her of stealing the attention when it was supposed to be the bride’s day. There were also many incredulous people wondering why anyone would choose such an outfit for an event as formal as a wedding. Kendall and her friend, the bride, recently took to Instagram to reveal that Jenner had asked for permission before wearing the outfit and her friend thought she looked wonderful! Would you consider wearing this to a wedding sometime?

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