Where to go and what to do in Islamabad for Valentine's Day

Perhaps the most romantic city in Pakistan is the capital itself. Cool, green hills, charming cafes and a general sense of calm that could make for many a romantic ideas. While this could just be coming from my grey, Karachi heart but I truly think that Islamabad is for lovers. So, I picked some of the best things you could do in Islamabad for Valentine's Day. 

Pack a Picnic for Shakar Parian

Offering panoramic views of the city and the hills, the Shakar Parian National Park is also home to the Pakistan Monument and the Pakistan Monument Museum. The botanical gardens are also worth a visit. While it is a popular tourist spot, imagine getting there bright and early on Monday 14th February with a breakfast of strawberries and cream. And all of Islamabad below you. 

Set Sail at Rawal Lake

Well, you could actually catch a boat ride but the Lake View Park on Rawal Lake has a bunch of things for you to do. Again, popular spot with the masses but why not be a bit cheesy this V-Day. They also have a paintball arena so it could make for a great Galentine or Palentine idea too!

Grab a Bite at Gol Market F7/3 (or is it 2)

Hear me out, I know it is just a sequence of restaurants arranged in a circle but there is something so magical about the place, especially at night. But the day time is also just as charming, especially in the cooler months. The space is actually a great example of just how beautiful every day Islamabad can be. My personal favorite spot there is Robert Coffee, and let's just say I would not mind a casual date night there.

Order in some Good Things

Yup, order the finest food in Islamabad for a cosy date night in. Good Things is a home based outfit serving up decadent, hand crafted dishes that will definitely leave you feeling all kinds of loved up. Be sure to order well in advance as they take limited orders and get booked out fairly quickly. 


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