The best thing to come out of the situation is the humor.

Unless you’ve been staying in North Korea the past couple of weeks, you must be well aware that Pakistan is experiencing yet another political upheaval, it’s pretty much routine for us at this point. There were many people in the country who were deeply disappointed with the events of the past week because they’d genuinely started to believe that Pakistan had finally embraced its democratic nature after the PPP became the first political party to complete its tenure. Most, however, took the situation in stride and coped with the regressive state of affairs in a way which comes most naturally to Gen-Z – making memes.

While facing mounting pressure from the opposition and defeat seemingly becoming inevitable, Prime Minister Imran Khan made several speeches to assure the public that he was nowhere close to giving up. The famous ‘Ghabrana Nahi Hay’ slogan quickly found its way back to everyone’s lips as the PTI leader repeatedly insisted that his supporters continue to place their faith in him. In response, people around the country found many creative ways to communicate and express their political opinions.

Along with some very pertinent and thought-provoking questions.

As PDM’s house of cards fell in the deputy speaker’s controversial decision to deny the vote of No Confidence against the Prime Minister, many noticed Shehbaz Sharif’s less than happy reaction through a rather hilarious video which shows him looking like a deer caught in headlights.

In fact, Shehbaz Sharif has somehow managed to be the subject of two memes at one time, with his infamous on-screen statement that ‘beggars cannot be choosers’.

Pakistani Twitter was not happy with the opposition leader’s remarks which criticized Imran Khan for being too obstinate in his foreign policy at a time when Pakistan had to make sacrifices to sustain its economically deprived society.

On a somewhat lighter note, Amir Liaquat also entered the fray and shared some of the ridicule after he made a public statement announcing his retirement from PTI as he could not consciously support what he saw as an unconstitutional and undemocratic move by Imran Khan. While the statement was meant to be taken seriously, the subsequently released video of him wearing a not-so-subtle shirt resulted in him becoming the top Twitter trend today, however Twitterati did not hold back.

Anyone who feels like going to a circus should just open up Dawn’s website these days, it might be sad but at least its still entertaining.

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