This Fathers' Day, do something for your Dad instead. It will still involve money though.

We won't make any claims of a 'budget' Fathers' Day present/experience giving situation. But what we can do is give you some neat ideas on how to make Fathers' Day that much more meaningful.

Watch a Movie Together

What's your Dad's favorite movie? Do your research and find out which platform the movie is found on. Better yet, take him to the cinema and watch it together. We think there is hardly a Dad out there who wi not love Top Gun.

Shop Together

Contrary to popular opinion, men do love shopping. Let's give our Dads the shopping experience they deserve and want. Take him to his favorite store for a budgeted shopping spree. The set budget will actually make for a fun experience as the two of you figure out what to buy. This is not the same as a shopping voucher (do not do that).

Cook Together

My father absoutely loved cooking! But it was not something my mother was too happy about given the mess that ensued. How about you be the souz chef to your Dad's chef dreams and assist him in cooking his favorite meal.

I think we are all a little bit guilty of doing more for our Mums rather than our Dads. Let's prove otherwise this year.

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