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In this 'Sparks of Joy' series, Maliha Rao guides us to more wholesome living.

Nature has healing powers, and we can’t deny that. Whenever we are surrounded by it, we instantly feel good. It is even scientifically proven to improve your health and physical wellbeing. For example, nature helps reduce stress, anxiety, and depression and improves heart health.

You can create your own indoor natural haven. Let us help you take that green step forward. Getting a plant with benefits is better than just getting something that looks good. Here are some great indoor plant suggestions to brighten up your life.

Spider Plant

Spider plants have long, slender leaves with shading and are considered one of the best-looking plants. Other than sitting pretty, they have tons of other benefits. This plant removes formaldehyde from the atmosphere and is a natural air purifier. Formaldehyde is a toxic chemical present in things you bring inside your home. These include paper towels, napkins, paper bags, plywood paneling, and synthetic fabric. It causes eye irritation, coughing, and choking at its worst.

The best thing about this plant is that it’s easy to maintain. You can keep it even in a less sunny place, and it won’t complain. You just need to ensure you water it enough to keep the soil moist, perhaps once a week. That will make it thrive and keep your air clean.

Money Plant

People buy money plants because they believe it brings luck, mends relationships, and, as the name suggests, wealth. This friendly plant is easy to maintain and can be kept indoors and outdoors. Quite versatile to decorate; you can hang it and keep it in an old wine bottle, a jar, or a pot. No matter how you arrange it, everything will look great with the pretty dangling vines of the money plant.

Plays a great role as an air purifier that rids the surrounding atmosphere of Benzene, Formaldehyde, Carbon Monoxide, and Xylene. It also removes harmful radiation emitted from electronic devices such as laptops and cell phones.

Snake Plant

Sometimes it’s mistaken for a spider plant, but the long-shaded leaves don’t droop. The snake plant got its name due to its long, sharp tongue-like ends. It is also called “mother-in-law’s-tongue,” and we don’t need to clarify why, do we?

These are very hard to kill; therefore, they are an ideal choice for your first plant. Most prefer keeping Snake plants in their bedrooms because it improves the air quality by producing more oxygen.

Aloe Vera

A nifty plant that is good for air purification and serves as a natural remedy for skincare concerns and other ailments. Aloe Vera is a moisture-rich succulent, so it doesn’t need too much watering. However, it does require a sunlit area inside the house to grow well.

The Aloe plant gel has natural antioxidants and antibacterial properties. This gel from the sap is used as a skin mask for anti-wrinkle and cures sunburns and psoriasis. It even reduces dental plaque and constipation.

There are plenty of plants to choose from. You can start with just one plant and then keep adding more. A simple indoor plant can do wonders

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