This might be the worst national disaster that the country has faced so far.

The NDMA estimates that nearly 35 million Pakistanis have been rendered homeless by the 2022 floods. With our current population at 225 million, that's 14% of the entire population.

The magnitude of these floods is unprecedented, and much worse than the 2010 floods. More rain is expected and the aid response is not even close to what we saw for the Kashmir Earthquake of 2005 or the 2010 floods.

Social media has been instrumental in sharing the plight of the common Pakistani

Sanghar is completely devastated. This region is also rich in cotton crops.

The city of Badin is drowning.

While we are talking about Bacluchistan and Sindh extensively, the situation in Khyber Pakthunkha is no better. Have a look at this video from Swat.

This disturbing video was recorded in Kohistan.

Blogger and influencer, Umair Mirza compiled some videos from TikTok.

Do you have any images or videos from flood affected areas? Share them with us!

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