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With Halloween descended upon us, one of the most exciting things to do during this spooky season is to watch a lot of horror films. While certain people have their preferences in what they love from the genre, something that is always fun to do is binge through a big horror franchise, whether it's during Hallows Eve' or just at any point throughout the year.

While everyone is truly thankful for the newer, unique, artful, and expressive horror films, it's never too late to catch up on some of the classic horror franchises that helped make the genre into what it is today. These may range from the iconic Halloween films to the fun and goofy Child's Play Series.

The 'Halloween' Franchise (1978 – Present)

The first Halloween film from all the way back in the 70s was the one that kicked off the plague of slasher films that soon followed, including more entries within this very franchise. As the title suggests, this series of films will always be a great Halloween season watch, and an especially good one to catch up on this year, considering that Halloween Ends marks the final chapter of the newest remake series within this franchise.

The 'Scream' Franchise (1996 – Present)

In a landscape of generic slasher films, Scream took the opportunity to make a brilliant meta-commentary on the trope, as well as horror films in general. There may be fewer Scream films than a lot of other established franchises, but it's made up for by always providing an exciting mystery.

The 'Chucky' Franchise (1988 – Present)

With the new season of the Chucky TV series gradually releasing more episodes, now is a perfect time to catch up on all the Child's Play/Chucky movies. The villainous doll is an interesting character because many claim him to be one of the most terrifying horror villains, however, fans know that certainly isn't the case. While Chucky does have certain spooky aspects about him, he's an over-the-top eccentric trickster. All the Chucky films are very joyous and campy and hilariously self-referential.

The 'Final Destination Franchise (2000 – 2011)

Despite being one of the shorter franchises on the list, the Final Destination films have a unique quality to them. While these films are far from perfect, they still provide highly entertaining viewing experiences. Their main hook comes from witnessing some of the most outlandish character deaths in the series' infamous premonition scenes.

The 'Evil Dead' Franchise (1981 – Present)

The Evil Dead franchise is one rare occurrence of a series that managed to maintain consistently good quality. The original Evil Dead films are some of the most fun horror comedies out there. While the Evil Dead remake is quite divisive, it manages to successfully take the concept and morph it to have a more serious tone, while still staying true to the gory and bloody nature of the originals.

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