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When it comes to fashion and style choices, there’s always room for more pants in any woman’s wardrobe. Fashion statements are made and faux pas cleverly avoided; all thanks to a good set of women’s pants.

We recently came across the new collection of women’s pants by Ideas and are happy to report that there is a wide variety available in different materials. You can choose from basic and embroidered pants, shalwars or tights to complete your outfit.

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Basic Trousers

We’re impressed by the sheer variety in colors and designs available. One truly feels spoilt for choice. Here’s what we’re adding to cart:

Nobody can deny the importance of having a white trouser; and not just one but multiple! You can use it for everyday wear with your regular shirts to be at ease while you give your hundred percent to the tasks at hand. This cambric trousers is sure to provide great comfort. The lace used; adds to the elegance of the overall dress. It is recommended for office wear as well.

Embroidered Trousers

Embroidered women’s trousers are hot selling items and never going out to fashion. And once you start browsing through this collection, we are sure you will not be able to settle for just one!

Nevertheless, our favorite one is this black cambric women’s pant which is sure to elevate your fashion statement. The embroidery is intricate and eye catching. The organza layering at the end gives this trouser a more formal touch. You can wear it for a gathering late night with your near and dear ones.


Shalwars are very much in fashion because of their history and ease of wear. For us, the one trouser that particularly stood out is this glitter cambric shalwar. It will compliment your formal look with its base color and design. You can wear it to work as well as in the evening when you are heading out for a meeting. It is stylish and comfortable both at the same time. A great add to the wardrobe this season!


No wardrobe can be considered complete without a handful of tights in them but the plain black tights would definitely take the crown! No lady can deny having not just one but more black tights in their closet. They are hip, they happening and they can be worn with formal and semi- formal attire to uplift any mood.

Feeling excited already?

All these women’s trousers and pants are available at your nearest Ideas store or even online from their website. So, hurry up and shop to your heart’s content!

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