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In this 'Sparks of Joy' series, Maliha Rao guides us to more wholesome living.

Peace of mind is a wonderful notion, but clutter becomes an irksome distraction. The people, things, places, and behaviours in your immediate environment greatly influence your mental health. Therefore, decluttering your life is crucial for your well-being.

You can take small steps that will make big changes to a stress-free lifestyle.

Start from home

You spend the most time at your home; it's your comfort zone. But, unfortunately, a chaotic home can be overbearing. Keep rooms simple. Avoid over-furnishing and adding items that you can't maintain. Keep the surfaces dusted and the flooring clean.

Less may be more. Sort through your closet. Create a pile that includes the items you never use and the things you use, love, and need. Then, bolster your willpower and donate the extra items. The drawers have a reputation. We stuff everything into them, intending to deal with it later. Deal with that pointless load right away

Workspace Productivity

Where you work, whether at home or in an office cubicle, is just as important as where you sleep. The less clutter there is, the easier it will be for you to concentrate. Tidy up your desk. Take away unnecessary stuff and paperwork. We tend to accumulate items on our desks, which worsens with time. Set up systems and assign spots for everything.

A laptop, iPad, or other gadgets that you use are as vital as your workstation. You don't have to keep everything on your home screen, a fun fact. Make it a practice to delete superfluous copies and organize everything in files. Go ahead and select "Empty Trash"

Stress-Free Relationships and Habits

Getting rid of clutter means changing your daily routine, habits, and even the people you hang out with. Toxic people are not worth your time. Cut ties with unhealthy connections that stress you out rather than make you happy. You'll be doing a ton of good for yourself.

Eat sensibly. Yes, it's okay to eat junk food occasionally. However, keep in mind that eating does affect well-being. For starters, add more raw fruits, nuts, and vegetables to your diet and drink more water. Follow a routine. Make sure you sleep well and wake up early enough to do your tasks so you can also enjoy your free time. A good habit includes a work-life balance.

Focus on Joy

A few mindful additions can make delightful changes to your life. Add some small indoor plants to your space. They are known to add a refreshing touch and boost mental and physical health. Develop the practice of meditation. You can settle your mind and lessen worry with only ten minutes of deep, relaxed breathing.

It has been proven that the right aroma may cause your brain's mood centre to release happy and calming chemicals. Light those candles to raise your spirits.

Get a pet. One of the most well-known stress relief methods is having pets, even if it's only a tiny goldfish. They enrich your life with unwavering love and happiness.

Some may disagree, and others may follow. These suggestions are for you to apply at your own pace and comfort. Take your time. Baby steps are also fine. Rome wasn't built in a day!

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