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Great victory, greater celebration! Tapmad’s Cornered Tigers: The 1992 Story pays tribute to one of the greatest...

Great victory, greater celebration!

Tapmad’s Cornered Tigers: The 1992 Story pays tribute to one of the greatest achievements of Pakistan Sports, the 1992 World Cup victory. Despite not featuring comments from the Captain Imran Khan since he was obviously busy with running the country, the four-episode documentary brings together the most important members of the victory after a long time. It wouldn’t have been possible without the magical team of producer Nina Kashif and her frequent collaborator Adnan Sarwar with whom she produced Aik Hai Nigar and Baarwan Khiladi, the latter also for Tapmad Entertainment.

In the four episodes, the documentary deals with everything that helped in making the winning moment memorable. It has Wasim Akram explaining how he felt when the team was losing, and then winning matches; it has Javed Miandad reminiscing the fact that wasn’t completely fit before the tournament while wicket keeper Moin Khan, Inzamam ul Haq, Ejaz Ahmed and Mushtaq Ahmed also came up with similar stories. Some said that it was due to Allah’s intervention that Pakistan won since Imran Khan’s dream project Shaukat Khanum Cancer hospital was on the cards while others credited the team’s unity for the success.

No matter who you believe, everyone agreed on the fact that Imran Khan’s belief in victory and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s Qawwalis kept the boys interested in a win, even when it seemed that they might have to take an early flight home. The way Mohsin Allah Ditta carries the World Cup nostalgia forward with his background score is a worth mention fact because it doesn’t let the audience lose interest at any point.

So, if you didn’t know how Javed Miandad felt while he was battling injury and playing for victory, this documentary answers that question. It also features comments of Inzamam ul Haq regarding his match-winning knock in the semifinal, Moin Khan talking about his boundary galore in the same match and Wasim Akram revealing what his Captain said to him before the innings. Combine all three and you get a recipe of victory which could help youngsters out there who want to play for Pakistan and emulate Imran Khan’s achievement.

Add to that the comments of renowned international cricketers like Shoaib Akhtar – Rawalpindi Express – and Usman Qadir whose father Abdul Qadir missed the event due to injury and you will get to know how the one victory changed the Cricket scene in the country. Furthermore, you get to know that without the intervention of commentators Munir Hussain and Iftikhar Ahmed, Imran Khan might not have made a comeback to the national side because they were the ones who convinced President Zia ul Haq to ask Imran Khan to reconsider his retirement.

The footages will take you back in 1992 when life was simple and white ball cricket was finding its identity. From Ramiz Raja’s twin centuries to Wasim Akram’s twin strikes in the final, everything is available in these four episodes which every cricket enthusiast must watch to make their day.

Watch the mini docuseries here: https://bit.ly/3JRVujK

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