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Bilal Abbas Khan is not just another pretty face in the industry. An actor who tends to stir up audiences’ emotions, we cannot help but detest his sadistic character as Wajih in ‘Cheekh’ after he stole our hearts in ‘O’ Rangreza’ as Qasim. Bilal’s performances have showcased his talent as an exceptional artist, and despite his fame rocketing sky-high in a short span of time, Bilal remains humble and down to earth. We get up, close, personal and absolutely unfiltered with Bilal!

Edition: ‘Looks’ have always been deceiving regardless of time and era and your character Wajih from ‘Cheekh’ is an example. How do you personally look past an individual’s ‘appearance’ to assess how they are as a person?

I’m a vibe kind of person and don’t judge people, so appearances don’t matter to me.

Self-care is essential, so while maintaining a bustling lifestyle and blooming career what is Bilal’s go-to for blowing off steam?

Usually it’s going to the gym, but these days it has to be cricket with my friends. We play our competitive yet friendly matches at night.

Unfortunately, conversations revolving around mental health are still considered taboo in our society. Men refrain from speaking about their mental health because they feel they need to maintain a strong image. What advice would you give to all the men out there?

That is 100% correct. Men are taught and told to suppress their feelings and put up a strong image. I myself am not very expressive but that’s just how I am as a person, but every time I feel a certain way I share it with my loved ones. I think people should say what they feel, be it a man or a woman. Everyone should be able to speak their mind freely.

 A common ideology the younger generation adhere to is that being ‘indifferent’ is ‘cool’. Why is it essential to be emotionally intelligent?

I don’t understand that ideology either. For me, the more raw you are the more impressive it is. There’s no concept of ‘being cool’ for me. The coolest are those who’ve gone through a lot and have become wiser and stronger because of their experiences.

In a world where we all embark on our own quests in search of Love, what three essentials should we keep in mind during our journey?

I can’t speak for others, only for myself. The person has to understand every bit of me and needs to be mature and practical.

If you could travel back in time to the PTV era, which classic drama would you like to be a part of?

It would have to be, ‘Tanhaiyan’, ‘Alpha Bravo Charlie’ and ‘Sunehray Din’.

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