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Fashion Updated May 14, 2019

Summer Trends 2019

Another year, another summer and nothing says summer like breezy silhouettes, barely there (yet fun) accessories and a great mood because its beach weather again, to amp up your look!

This year seems to be easy going with a mix of cool which is reminiscent of how life and style, (as we imagine), would have been like in the 60’s and early 70’s.

Here we list 10 of of the trends that we believe are IN to wear and make fashion statements wherever you go!


Oversized Hats

With the scorching heat, what better accessory to cool us down and protect us from harsh rays? Not to mention, it looks great! We are HUGE fans of hats!


Zaheer Abbas, Hum Showcase 2019



A combination of textures, mixed and matched prints, and a play with silhouettes. Who would have though patchwork which was traditionally a homemade quick fix for quilts or jeans would be elevated by the likes of DVF, Zimmerman et al? Whatever it is, we are HERE for it!




Statement Hair Clips

Barrettes and clips made their way back into the accessory game after the early 2000’s and this is the one trend we could not be more excited about! The basic clip has been revamped into a glamorous piece of jewellery for the hair!




Mini Bags


A year ago, if you asked us if we would don micro bags, we probably would have face palmed the suggestion being huge fans of the extra large totes – best to carry laptops, phone chargers, books – you name it! Now, we LOVE the freedom of weight which came with the huge bags and how cute yet chic these mini’s are! Not to mention how stylish they look.


Zonia Anwaar, Hum Showcase 2019 (Bag by The Warp)


Tie Dye

Prepare yourselves for a renaissance of the tie dye, ladies and gentlemen.  The boho chic trend which has long been associated with the hippie lifestyle in the 60s has been developed and is here to stay – just don’t wear it like it’s 1999, which means incorporating it as a finishing touch – a jacket or coat, socks or shorts!





From dainty, jewelled headpieces to tartan spun into knots to bows with studded spikes or leather bound onto a band, the headband made its glorious return when Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl matched her outfits with a headband each time and it stuck and is here to stay!




Animal Prints

Yep, you read that right – and don’t be alarmed, it always makes its comeback and has been around for a few seasons now but seems to be firmly here to stay. Tis the season to stay wild!




All runways worldwide had one trend we could not escape from and that was neon! These fluorescent shades hit us like a ton of bricks in every area of fashion – clothes, shoes, accessories – you name it! We aren’t complaining though – nothing is more perfect for the summer than pops of color!



Puffed Shoulders

Pouffy sleeves have been around for a while, but what we found interesting was the re entry of the puffed shoulders on both, blazers and tops alike! A feminine touch to serious outfits is all that was missing this summer!


9 Lines, Hum Showcase 2019



Shades from the lavender family made a show this season across different designers collections in different silhouettes, accessories and even hair colour! Be it monotone or a play of the shades in one look, this is a hot trend.



What a fantastic bunch of trends to put together for yourself, right? We can’t wait to experiment with them!




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