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Suno Chanda 2 is the second season of the Suno Chanda Series that follows the lives of Arsal and Jiya in a romantic comedy setting that is not your regular run of the mill show seen everywhere. There is comic relief, there is family, there are relationships and of course, love in the modern day for the Pakistani girl and boy!

Ramadan was made light with this series and thoroughly enjoyed by audiences world over and we sat down with Iqra Aziz and asked her what she really thought of the project and what to expect next!



How does it feel to see the second part of the Suno Chanda series on air?

I feel really good and am humbled with all the love and appreciation this project is getting worldwide.

Do you feel your character on the show has evolved?

Yes, Jiya has evolved in a very natural way. People say sometimes that they want the previous Jiya back but what I believe is that after marriage, people change. When two people are share a life together, things change. I love my characters struggle for her education, dreams, and especially what her priorities are. I think every girl should be like this.

How has your experience working with your co-stars been?

It has been a great experience. I love working with everyone.

Where do you see Suno Chanda the series, heading?

I cannot say anything at the moment.

Any surprises or spoilers for us?

Of course not. I am not going to tell you even if there is any surprise.

Who would you say is the funniest character on and off set?

Shahana jee (Nadia Afgan) and  Jalal Phopa (Tipu)

Should we expect Suno Chanda 3?

You have to wait till next year to know.



Well, well, well, Iqra hasn’t even left a hint of anything so we are eager to see where this goes next year!

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