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We always look forward to seeing what the Pakistani designers feel is going to set the trends (or are they just merely following them?) and Paris Loreal Bridal Couture Week is exactly the place to showcase and show off your collection!

Our favourite looks were varied and then some! Here are the round up of looks from all 3 days and why we loved them:

Aquafina Rising Talent

Who doesn’t like new blood? They are the game changers and true inspiration – at least we believe so!


Nida Azwer

We’ll be honest – we became HUGE Nida Azwer fans 3 years ago and she has killed every single collection since! We especially love how she’s the only one using earthy tones and not afraid of making brown a dominant colour in her work. The right shade of brown. Of course there were classic like reds, blacks and ivories too but what really caught our eye was the coats over sari’s trend which we have loved since we saw throwback images of Fatima Jinnah!


Saira Shakira

This design house surprised us in a pleasant way. From a touch of velvet to different shades of tissue – they hit the nail on the head with appealing to brides of all seasons – spring, summer, winter and fall!


Zubia Zainab

An unconventional collection for the unconventional bride and her bridesmaids! We liked so many things – especially the showstopper – Ushna Shah


Ahmad Sultan

A collection for the modern girl,  but traditional boy – yep! There was something for both, the bride and the groom!


Saira Rizwan

This was a collection which had a mix of traditional and fusion looks wit Sumbul Iqbal as the magnanimous showstopper! We especially loved that the designer used lavender and pistachio – two trending colours in some of the looks!


Asma Aslam

Here we saw interesting sari’s and dupattas – from the craftsmanship to the shaded aspects to the general drape of both silhouettes which had us hearty eyed throughout the show!


Kamiar Rokni

Kamiar drew inspiration from his hometown, Iran and my oh my, the inspiration shone through! The colour combinations, the silhouettes, and the perfect balance of the overall collection was magnificent.


Sonia Azhar

For the daring girl who doesn’t care what the world thinks – or at least that’s what we thought this was! From ball gowns for the girls who want a fairytale look to the daring silhouettes and ending with a star! Mansha Pasha served as the showstopper in a beautiful crimson look to finish off the strong woman collection!


Sania Maskatiya

We loved the colour combinations and embroidery – and especially the pairing of bridal and groom wear albeit the collection being somewhat reminiscent of Sabyasachi is some way.



The future is female – and that too a modern female! This is what the collection said to us! Bravo on the sari pants which had a corset style blouse over it. This was by far one of our favourite collections this year – there is a breath of fresh air in the newness of the oldness! Also can we just stay, having a supermodel as the showstopper was another breath of fresh air over the stars! We love you, Mehreen Syed!


Misha Lakhani

It was very hard picking just a few favourites out of a whole collection. Misha as usual dazzled us with romanticism borrowed from the old and made new, yet keeping that thing you just can’t point your finger at that makes her designs stand out from everyone else’s. Say what you will, everyone wants to own at least ONE ML outfit in their lifetime.


Noreen Neelam

This was an interesting collection but what we loved most was the velvet! Tis the season for the luxe fabric!


Mohsin Naveed Ranjha

For us, it was the ivory looks that stood out the most! Elegance redefined with a tinge of colour – not too much, not too little, but just right!



It’s all in the details. Seriously, we loved how there were obvious details in every piece that made each one stand out differently, yet create symbiosis. We especially loved the hunky Imran Abbas in a steel gray look and the lovely Ayeza Khan as showstoppers!


Republic by Omar Farooq

We’ve always loved this design house. Who doesn’t want their man looking suave? That’s what they bring to the table!



Tale as old as time but how true as it can be is shown in this collection, We know, we know, we sound cheesy but look! It’s all magic! He’s called a master couturier for a reason and that shone through his collection, ending the 3 day celebration of fashion with a big bang!









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