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We often need to relax after a long day or week with a show to relax our minds, but sometimes, we want to know the..

We often need to relax after a long day or week with a show to relax our minds, but sometimes, we want to know the ins and outs of certain aspects - be it in food, life, crime or even celebrities.

We have rounded up five of our highly recommended documentaries which we think you would like!


This six-episode, jaw dropping series is an absolute must see! It follows the lives of a cheerleading squad at the Navarro College in Texas – one of the best colleges for cheerleading, with a hell of a coach, Monica, behind the team. This is not the kind of cheerleading high school movies depict, this is the sport in its truest, most raw form. This documentary takes you into the high powered stamina, trust, and self-belief cheerleaders require, as well as the many obstacles they endure.

Miss Americana

Whether you’re a fan of Taylor Swift or not, this documentary is a must-watch. It showcases her musical journey, but sheds more light on her as a person, her struggles, her passion, and her politics – as opposed to her music. It provides a view of how she shaped herself to be the person she thought the world wanted her to be, and how she eventually evolved into just being the person she truly is – along with providing the music world with some hit songs!

Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes

For fans of serial killer movies and books, this true story that has been documented is one to watch. Based on the notorious serial killer Ted Bundy, the documentary is a four-part interview series in which Bundy speaks about his crimes in the third person. It is a harrowing story, and one that also lends voice to his victims (who were mostly women he charmed), and it also explains how he hid his atrocities from the authorities.


Fashion lovers rejoice, here comes McQueen! Who wouldn’t want to know more about the life of this legendary artist? The documentary follows the life of British fashion designer Alexander McQueen, and how he makes it to the world of haute couture, all the while battling his own personal demons.


The con of the decade: this is the best way to describe just what this documentary sheds light on. The series follows the build up of a musical festival, known as Fyre. It ultimately becomes chaotic due to its false advertising and poor planning, bringing the organisers – Billy McFarland and rapper Ja Rule – in big trouble.

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