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Creatives always look for one thing: something or someone fresh, new - unseen (as much as unseen is possible of...

Creatives always look for one thing: something or someone fresh, new - unseen (as much as unseen is possible of course!)

What we look for is new talent - and this month, Sania Ahmed, an up and coming model is hot, hot, hot on our radar! The dusky skinned beauty has slowly risen from the ranks with so many stepping stones and hardships and is now working with big names like Sana Safinaz, Elan and more!

We spoke to her so you could get to know her a little bit more:

How did your journey start in the modelling industry?

Well I ALWAYS wanted to be a fashion model. When I was in school, I would practise posing at home in front of the mirror and collecting fashion magazines whilst imagining what it would be like to see myself as a supermodel. My career started from Karachi & honestly speaking it was very hard for me because I didn't know anyone in the industry and didn't know how to start, where to go, who to meet or speak to. I then decided to move to Lahore as I felt the city has more work opportunities than Karachi the response was great. After so many rejections and struggles, hard work has paid off and I am finally where I am, all thanks to the Almighty. Slowly but surely I'll achieve my dreams Insha'Allah!!

What were you doing pre modelling days?

My mother was a single parent, and it was much hard for her to feed us all, so I decided to help out and did some brand activations and a part time job as a sandwich maker at Subway!

Who do you look up to for inspiration in the industry and otherwise?

My late mother. My biggest inspiration in my life is just my mother! She was a very strong woman who raised and educated us alone - I can't forget those days. I want to be strong just like her. Aside from her, two other women I consider powerful and strong are Angelina Jolie and Benazir Bhutto! I'm also so inspired by them.

If you could shoot for a brand, local and/or international, who would it be and why?

That's my favourite yet most difficult question to answer. Locally, I would say Zara Shahjahan because she gives fashion a whole new meaning - she keeps it simple, beautiful, yet strong which is what I love about her brand. And Ali Xeeshan - I love that he's experimental with his muses and collections - I'm always up for something like that. Its crazy yet creative which is why I'd love to work with him. Internationally I would say Michael Kors because their designs are unique and fashionable and I love their holiday luxe collections!

What do you you do on your days off?

I spent time with my family! Shop with my baby sister and watching videos on self grooming - when I'm not relaxing!

Favourite project thus far?

Again, this is a very hard question! I would say Hira Ali Studios was one of my favourite projects! I always enjoy working with her and her dream team!

Tell us something we don't know about you

I'm very kanjoos when I want to be, haha! I bargaining a lot! I can help you guys bargaining as well if you ever need me!

What should we expect next from you?

That's a surprise, so stay tuned everyone!

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