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It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that life has changed drastically for all those who began the year 2020 on a positive note. There is a lockdown in major cities of the country to avoid the spread of Corona Virus, the cinemas are closed down for the same reason while the production of TV dramas has stopped with no one willing to leave their homes. In such a scenario, the only thing left to do is stay at home and watch Netflix, because not only does the Streaming Service provide you with diverse choices, but also some TV shows that if you don’t watch now, you would regret later.

Lucifer (4 Seasons)

Netflix’s became one of the most loved Streaming Service in front of its audience when it rescued Lucifer after Fox canceled the popular show after just three seasons. Starring Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar and Lauren German as Detective Chloe Decker, the show revolved around their adventures, which become interesting when it is revealed in the pilot that Lucifer is in fact, the Lucifer. In his human form, the cast-out-from-Heaven angel solves homicide in Los Angeles, stays away from his real family and occasionally shows his Devilish side, but only when it is needed. So far, four seasons of the show have aired (three on Fox, one on Netflix) and before the fifth one is released soon, make sure you are done with all the episodes, or the Devil will get you!

Money Heist (3 Seasons)

If you haven’t seen Money Heist, don’t say that out loud it in front of your friends because they will start looking at you as a different person. The Spanish Heist series is more or less what House MD, NCIS and Breaking Bad were to its audience during their peak seasons, despite being made in a language they don’t understand. Thanks to Netflix, Money Heist is available in English (dubbed, of course) to make it understandable to a wider audience. While the first two seasons (parts, with 13 and 9 episodes respectively) revolve around a heist that involves eight robbers, the third part begins with the rescue of one of their own and ends with another heist at the end of the eighth episode. What makes it all the more interesting is the way the series moves ahead; the narrator is unreliable, the format is anything but chronological and despite the protagonists being bank robbers, they have the audience’s sympathies. Watch it before the next part (or season) makes it to the Streaming Service on April 3rd!

Resurrection: Etrugul (5 Seasons)

And then there is Resurrection: Ertugrul that has become so popular that Prime Minister Imran Khan asked Pakistan Television to air it after having it dubbed in Urdu. It follows the story of thirteenth-century Turk leader and Muslim ruler Ertuğrul who went onto become the father of Osman I, the founder of the Ottoman Empire. Although the show has been filmed entirely on location, every scene has been filmed in a grand manner, reminding the audience of great Muslim classics such as The Message, as well as a few Hollywood flicks depicting the era when Muslims were on top of the world. Spanned over five seasons that more or less have more than 80 and less than 100 forty-odd minutes episodes, it has achieved cult following especially in Muslim countries like Pakistan, Indonesia, and Bangladesh as well as many Non-Muslim countries mostly in Europe. The battle scenes, the screenplay, the amazing performances and above all, the mystery behind the life of Osman I’s father is what makes Resurrection: Ertugrul (with English subtitles) a not-to-be-missed affair.

The Movies That Made Us (1 Season)

There are two kinds of audience when it comes to the cinema; those who love to watch films to enjoy and those who love to watch films and know about their behind the scene stories. The Movies That Made Us, brings forth a lot of uncommon facts about your favorite films, and the actors who were part of it. If you didn’t know that Eddie Murphy was the original choice for Ghostbusters or that actor Daniel Stern first refused Home Alone only to accept it later, then this is one program you would love to watch. Don’t be surprised to find out that Die Hard was written for Frank Sinatra, and no one from the studio favored Bruce Willis’s selection. Yippee Ki yay!

Tiger King (Documentary)

Documentaries may have gone out of fashion for regular TV audience but the genre is still thriving thanks to the many TV channels and Streaming Services such as Netflix. Their latest offering Tiger King is something for the fans of Animal Kingdom as it revolves around Murder, Mayhem, and Madness, on the sidelines of a rivalry between two Tiger lovers. On one side there is one of the biggest cat owners in the world, country singer Joe Exotic whereas on the other, there is Caroline Baskin whose aim in life seems to be putting Joe Exotic out of business. Add a murder-for-hire angle, a few Cat-loving Gangsters, Conmen and Cult leaders in the plot and you have a seven-episode documentary on your hands that is as entertaining as any Hollywood flick. You will also get to roam around the private zoos of these interesting characters who seem to live in a world of their own, so don’t be surprised if the exploration makes you fall in love with these animals, again!

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