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As noted by BBC, the law of Zakat and donation in Pakistan is saving people who are out of work and shelter-less. The country, along with many other nations, has imposed strict protocol in efforts to contain the spread of the global pandemic.

The strict precautionary measures and a prolonged period of lockdown could have detrimental and fatal consequences; Prime Minister Imran Khan recently addressed the country where he spoke about how “25% of Pakistanis cannot afford to eat two times a day.”

Daily wage earners and those with no paid leave are going hungry two weeks into the lockdown, but there is hope in the form of Zakat, an Islamic tax, which has started a movement in the country with camps and organisations of people donating “raashans” (rations) to those who are in need and starving. Individuals along with foundations such as the Robin Hood Army, Saylani Welfare Trust, the Edhi Foundation, Shahid Afridi Foundation, SAARA and many more are all contributing to help distribute food around Pakistan, individuals are all participating and giving for the cause.

Ration packages include bacterial soap as well under the circumstances and are not only being circulated for daily wage earners but for the Transgender community and those who are left without aid or food as the lockdown continues.

This week has met with an outpour of bountiful donations with celebrities using their platforms to help spread awareness and a need to contribute efforts in helping people as well as individuals all over the country doing their part in giving to those who are in dire need; providing a sense of hope in these dark times.

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