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Often, we see pages and pages of skincare and make up pages all over social media. What brands should we indulge in?

Often, we see pages and pages of skincare and make up pages all over social media. What brands should we indulge in? What make up palette is the best? How many products should we apply?

Ladies and gents, it's all different strokes for different folks which is why the girls Maryam and Sasha stood out for us. They keep it real about what they use, why they use it and how they go about both - their skincare and makeup routines.

We got the lowdown on a few things you should know:

Why the name Milki Milki Milki?

We took a long time in deciding our name. We wanted it to be an amalgamation of the two of our names but couldn’t figure something out that worked well. So we tried to think of something not in English. Marium found out that Milki means Royalty in Arabic and at first we played around with the word and joked about it but it eventually became our meaning. And we decided to go along with it!

When you decided to start this page together, was it restricted to personal beauty and lifestyle or was it unexpected that people started relating to videos enough to want to ask questions?

When we started this page I think at first it was definitely just for us to share our lifestyle and our tips on make up and skincare and small stuff we’ve picked up along the way. But to be honest, we realised that a lot of people related to our approach quite quickly. People would ask us questions and would constantly tell us that there wasn’t much of this subtle, everyday approach to make up. It built our confidence in sharing more and promoting the ideology of skin first and make up second. Less was always more for us and we want to share that on our platform.

In Sasha’s video discussing accutane, it covers the topic of taking it clearly as well as addressing it, has it affected the makeup or products you would choose after?

After taking Accutane it definitely affected the way I applied makeup and the products I used. Before taking Accutane, I would try my best to hide my acne- so I would only use products that worked well with stressed out, oily and acne prone skin. I would try to dry my face out so much so the makeup I applied never looked good. After taking Accutane and educating myself on the makeup do's and dont's- I started realising how to use makeup to enhance your features instead.

Some of the products are super affordable for example the Hashmi Kajal in the Karen Smith video. What do you have in mind when selecting these specific products?

I would definitely say that we don’t have a lot of makeup if you compare it to other makeup guru and artists. And I think because we use such few products and we try to reuse them to create other makeup looks we try to use products that are effective, long term and a good investment.

In one post Marium shared that she has not used heating tools in over a year, how do you incorporate your hair into your beauty look and still have it looking flawless without a heating tool?

It was actually a 2 year no heat tool journey! I have started using heat on my hair but with EXTRA CAUTION and with the right products and tools. So when I wasn’t using any heat tools at all, it was a bit tricky. My hair didn’t always come out the way I wanted it everyday at first (especially because of how damaged it was). Some days were good some bad! I had to get a hair routine going. Using masks, essential oils and brushing it straight over and over again right after the shower as it’s air drying. I got the hang of it pretty quick, and gave myself regular trims to get it to a healthy state. I will say, I always had wavy/straight hair so I adapted quickly! Things I’d do to style it would be pinning, braiding it or just put it up in a nice ponytail. I really enjoyed journey! I definitely recommend it. It made me truly love my natural hair for all it’s flaws and perfects.

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Moving back which stores would you personally say you prefer for makeup/hair products as compared to in Boston?

Sasha: I think I underestimated how many products I would find substitutes to in Pakistan. When it came to hair products, almost all salons carry L’Oréal and Kerastase products which happen to be my go to in terms of styling etc. And in terms of makeup my products last me a very long time.

Marium: Oils, oils, oils! I’m obsessed with all the hair oils you find in Pakistan! I don’t know why, I find myself lost when it comes to hair oils in Boston. “What’s organic? what’s what’s in them?” They’re also over priced compared to what I grew up with in Pakistan, it just doesn’t make sense to me. Another Pakistani product I’m OBSESSED with and can’t find anything like it in the US has to be the Vatika Hair Mayonnaise!

What are your go to products for skincare and makeup?

Sasha: For skin care my go to products are always having a double cleanse system. My Bioderma Miscellar water and my Niacinamide + Zinc serum (from the Ordinary or Glossier). For makeup my go to products are a good high coverage concealer, a coral blush, and a lip pencil.

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Marium: For skin care I have to say one of my ride or dies has to be the Mario Bodescu “Drying Lotion”. It’s a spot treatment solution that dries out acne overnight and it’s been in my skincare journey to from the beginning! Another one would be the Bioderma “Micellar Water”. Even if I have makeup on or not, I always begin my skincare routine [morning or night] with this product. The Ordinary “Niacinamide+Zinc” serum is a new favorite! My absolutely favorite 2 products for makeup happen to both be by the brand Glossier, and they are the “Boy Brow” and “Lash Slick” Mascara. And a concealer is always something I go for no matter what the occasion!

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At your age do you focus on skincare routines targeting specific regions or have you begun your anti ageing routines from now?

We think it’s always good to have at least some kind of skin care routine once you hit puberty. With hormones, stress and everything else we need a routine that works with for our individual skin we definitely try to look for routines and products that target specific skin problems like acne, dryness, excess oiliness, blemishes, dark spots etc.

At the same time we have begun anti aging routines as well! Something like SPF seems so simple but it’s a huge factor in anti aging and shouldn’t be skipped no matter what age you are!

What is your favourite makeup look?

If anyone follows us they know that our favourite type of makeup look is always the No-Makeup (Makeup) look! Subtle and understated makeup that works with your skin rather than against it. We really believe that make up is there to enhance your already existing features rather than taking over the face. Subtle, glowly and an overall natural look is what we try to achieve. Our makeup look also ties in really well with our skincare routines because taking care of our skin allows us to wear less makeup and we love that!

Is it a passion to pursue a future career in style or beauty or is milki a passion you’d hope to continue and expand eventually?

We’ve always wanted to take things slow. When we first started, we started in wanting to share a part of our lives and have fun with it. For both of us Milki still holds that definition for us. We hope to continue this and see where it takes us. But to always take it one step at a time. At the end of the day, this is always going to be our passion and we just want to have fun with it!

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