What is one thing you make sure to do every day? I have stuck to my routine of waking up early at Fajr to offer my..

In this time of social distancing, Team Edition presents the Quarantine Diary! We speak to some of our favourite A listers weekly and give you an update of how they are making it through this time!

This week we spoke to make up artist and stylist, Wajid Khan

What is one thing you make sure to do every day?

I have stuck to my routine of waking up early at Fajr to offer my prayers. I help my sisters in the kitchen. Take my dose of kalonji. These things have never changed and have been part of my daily routine since years.

Have you learnt a new talent or reverted to something you used to do but didn't have time to do which you're loving?

I was never good with handling social media. My team used to do that for me. But now that we have ample time, I have dived in and have managed to crack basics like going live on Instagram and I am also working on my YouTube channel.

How are you balancing WFH vs being present for family?

Since my work cannot be done from home as I am not accommodating any request for inhouse services therefore all my time is spent with my family. I am cutting their hair, helping them with chores and it’s all quite new for me. I have been running a salon since I was in my teens which consumed me day and night. Now that I am with family, I am enjoying my time with them. It was long overdue.

What workouts have you been trying out that you would recommend?

I was never into heavy weight lifting but I walk a lot. You won't believe, I have sometimes walked all the way home from my Salon in DHA. I like to walk and I do that regularly. Besides that, I always have hot water which keeps the fat in check.

Favourite song these days?

I am huge fan of Pakistani classics. These days my playlist include Mehdi Hassan and Ranjish Hi Sahi is on loop.

Your go to snack which you don't feel bad about having daily?

I am good with anything actually. I am not at all fussy about food. Now a days since everyone from kids to adults are at home, we have having an overdose on chicken - boiled, grilled, fried - the works!

Tell us your favourite people to follow for inspiration

I don’t stalk too much however I am quite impressed with how Priyanka Chopra has taken herself to a different level altogether. Then i am huge fan of Gigi Hadid and I would really want to work with her one day so I keep checking her page in and off. And lastly Vogue. I believe if you want to stay updated on international trends then that's the page.

Give us a tip on how you personally battle anxiety.

I think it's very important to keep doing what you like. For instance I am digging into my old pictures of makeup and bridals. Then sometimes I open a makeup box and try and experiment with different looks on someone in my family. And as I said, I am getting my hands on social media as well and the youtube channel. So my plate is still full!

What have you learnt about yourself that you didn't know, in this time of social distancing?

I have a very different way of looking at this situation. I think its time to get closer to Allah. In fact He himself has come so close to us. Let's spend this time and do a bit of rethinking on how we have been spending our lives. It's time to redefine priorities; whats important and whats unnecessary.

Give us one positive affirmation for today

I see that people are too worried about their finances these days. I think it's time to give back and do as much charity as possible to help others. Have faith that you may wake up hungry but you will never sleep hungry. He will take care of us and will get us through the tough times.

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