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Malaika Hasan

Drip Therapy has been all the rage recently with many celebrities endorsing it and jumping on the bandwagon – But what is it and is it worth the hype?

When you think of drips, your mind automatically goes towards a sick patient in hospital attached to drips and machines but what we’re talking about are special IV treatments for your skin!

Picture yourself sitting in a spa or a skin clinic sipping on some tea while your arm is hooked to an IV. You’re comfortable, essentially pain-free and it only takes about 5 minutes out your whole day. Oh, and did I mention, you can choose from an entire menu on what drip you want? Think of it as food for your skin.

You can go for endless possibilities that range from IV drips packed with antioxidants promising you better skin and a youthful glow. From Skin rejuvenation Drip to an anti-ageing drip, endless possibilities. Oh, the things we do for beauty! So of course.. I went…I tried it out at Tasneem Nakhoda’s clinic!

I tried the high concentrate of Vitamin C mixed with Glutathione (apparently, I chose the lowest of the concentrate, but I didn’t want to be too experimental) which promises an IV packed with Antioxidants that Boost your glow.

When I heard about this new form of amping up my skin, I honestly jumped at the chance because well why not? Everyone wants dewy supple skin and if a 5-minute treatment can do that, then how could I say no? My skin is the opposite of flawless, I tend to suffer from dry and dehydrated skin because I’m terrible with drinking water and I usually have a breakout once a month so in all seriousness, it was something I was hoping would do the trick.

I went for this twice with a 6-week gap between each time. I didn’t personally see any difference but on day 3, people kept coming up to me, to either compliment my skin or to ask if I had done anything different! After a week, I thought my skin was feeling fresher and hydrated and I didn’t get any acne breakout!

The lowest dose of this Vitamin C drip is about PKR5000 and it can go up to PKR 10,000. However, other IV drips that promise anti- ageing and boosting collagen can go as high as PKR 30,000! No one said beauty was cheap.

Will I go for this again? I think so. Yes. I would like to have this done another 3-4 times to truly see if my skin changes and if not I can convince myself my immunity was boosted with all that Vitamin C!

We did a poll to see how many people swear by this treatment and about 67% said they do – in fact they claimed to have avoided the flu and found health benefits from it, too (remember, it’s best to avoid an illness, not cure one!) The remaining 33% still consider it a fad, but remember, patience is key and sometimes, a skin product or in this case an IV drip isn’t for you if it doesn’t work – but you won’t know until you find out.

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